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No mahdi recognising people do we cool thing if icao these 17yearold high school senior kelly quinn did not have a day for prompt this is on twitter what the mets newman i didn't so she asked the new york mets are favor baseball team to help route two hey can i can take pictures at stadium with players prompt pictures than they sell capping it 500000 read tweets thinking she would never get 500000 ray tweets he was going to get five hundred thousand reach except for that the guy from canetti's he added zero point when chicken nuggets yet if she could get that they would organize for come take pictures of city filled players so in eight days thinking that idea about them that guy they're like shall never knew it let's just say this and if she got it and not only did she go they had the stadium ready mr met the guide the baseball head on their mascot was their players all of it he even did the proposal to her mr met mascot that's awesome so have had asked laugel if good for the mets but i wonder if they would have done it even if he hadn't i wanna thank ninety days i hope they thought that she could get it all out and everything semi give them any why lanky make something unattainable when it's her wished the you'll have to do healthier i see that was icu babic so may army been girl blue little time now judo walls down four to try out of the exume from bar in two thousand three little thing where he bomb came back was contemplating came away to even know batty choosing midst really with the poorer and by with dread two the goal thoroughly though neither in the the need a brief thaw no gave his seen those fields and greenberg at all blatter martin van martyrs merlin come in and out and then thing man it's fine words saying gordon razors briggs was burned the watching the tv two dis added paulo than the new and the new disaster through polling her guru those things they're here of through.

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