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Have. I did all of this yesterday. What do i do today. okay. I'll get to that in just a second to michael may not be the only one in that both. Yeah so hold that thought on thinking grasping the michael. The second question. Any other questions for the good of the class okay. those of you who are Complete with your work when i completed with your work. I'm referring to both your digital learning self check. That was last week's assignment. And you're not sunday taking modules in google classroom. If you've completed those tasks use this. Time to log back into google classroom and check for any feedback from me on your assignments Once you turn in assignments in google classroom. I get a notification and then and and able to retrieve your work and send you Feedback on what you've done as well as A great if it was a graded assignment this week. Our no ticking time in his practice assignments where you won't be receiving a great for me but you will be getting feedback so I will say that. So far i have Received assignments from michael ealy. And those two have been returned with back I see that. Angie recently turned in the assignment and i will Read that in return. It was feedback shortly.

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