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On pine street in nineteen ninety eight of relocated. A couple blocks away to the curve location in eleven hundred block of locust street to the high cost of rent the curve proprietors the third to own the business decided it was time to pursue other interests and to close up show, Jerry Belaya bell. Mark wanted to have one last meal. She's been a customer since the seventies which was in nursing school at Jefferson. We upperclassmen that call themselves big sisters, and they showed us the cafeteria Jefferson for dinner our first day at Jefferson, and then they took a suggests ice cream for dessert. And that was a tradition at Jefferson for years and years and years one of the most popular dessert served over the years the mile high apple pie with ice cream caramel sauce with green John mcdevitt. A wider radio. Now, the KYW business report. Here's Jeff Bellinger. Bloomberg business the government releases its final report today on how the economy performed in the spring, economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect to hear there is no revision to the prior. But the gross domestic product expanded at a four point two percent annual rate in the second quarter. The monthly reports on durable goods orders and pending home. Sales will also be out this morning along with the weekly updates on new unemployment claims, consumer comfort and mortgage interest rates. Randy watts of William O'Neil and company tells Bloomberg radio corporate results suggest the bull market has longer to run. It's tough to get to negative as long as the corporate profits cycle stays strong. We think corporate profits next year can still grow roughly double digit earnings results have been much much better than expected as long as that continues. The market can keep going up conagra carnival Rite Aid in McCormick and company post quarterly results today, Federal Reserve Board chairman, Jay Powell and. Dallas fed President Robert Kaplan will be speaking today. I'm Jeff Bellinger. Bloomberg business for KYW NewsRadio business reports on KYW NewsRadio at twenty five and fifty five after every hour. The anti anxiety drug Xanax is growing in popularity among teens. A new report shows it has become the drug of choice among high school seniors some say Xanax, which is used to treat anxiety, insomnia and other conditions is the most over prescribed drug in America. Teens are getting a hold of it mostly from their parents and grandparents medicine cabinets and using it to cope with peer and social pressures and academic stress thinking because as prescribed by doctors it is safe to use. But overdosing is on the rise as is its use among teens. Jim Roope, Los Angeles to grad student suffered minor injuries Wednesday afternoon at the university of Delaware in Newark, school officials and fire. Investigators are calling it a hazmat incident. Fire crews were called shortly after one pm to the Drake lab on academy street for a chemical spill inside the building. Both the Drake lab and adjoining building were evacuated. This school says the two students were decontaminate. Aided by has Matt personnel and taken.

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