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Earlier. This week. Results were announced of the presidential election held in the central african republic on december twenty seventh. It was won by the incumbent. President faustin comes to our dera. Election results must still be officially validated by the constitutional court but were welcomed my supporters and even by some members of the opposition. It remains an open question. However how much of the central republic. He's really going to get to be president of the world's least imaginatively named country is also one of its most troubled examine any global index pertaining development prosperity transparency freedom and general ease of living. And you'll find the somewhere near the bottom. The c a r is also exemplar of the cruel irony that the countries which appear least worth fighting over are often the most viciously contested in the days between the presidential election and the results. Being announced rebels attacked the southern city of banga sue on the blue river which comprises the border with the democratic republic of congo. And the town of damara a bit further west by some estimations. Roughly two thirds of the country is now controlled by militias hostile to the national government and not infrequently as is the way of these things to each other ominously however several of these groups entered into a formal alliance just before the election and now prefer inquiries to be addressed to the coalition of patriots for change or pc. They don't appear to have a website yet but early days. The did announce a ceasefire ahead of the election but then unannounced it. They may also be having chain of command issues. Blame for the. Most recent uptick in rebel. Activity is being generally cast. In the direction of former central african republic president francois bazei the mana of both bozize's as coming and going illustrate the chronic problems. He seized power in a coup tar in two thousand and three and lost in two thousand thirteen when militias made it all the way to the capital bongi compelling him to skip the country further underpinning. The present intrigue is the fact that for much of aziz as time as president his prime minister walls and listeners. With a keen sense of shakespeare and psycho drama will already have guessed current president to our dera. Catch me if you can former president possibilities eight touting authorities at a campaign rally last week busey's a returned in two thousand and nineteen in the hope of getting his old job back via the ballot box but was disbarred. from standing in december's election. The constitutional court ruled the requirement that candidates be of good. Morality was tricky to square with an outstanding international arrest warrant accusing disease of crimes against humanity and incitement to genocide to say nothing of sanctions imposed by the un security council on a personally for arming and encouraging militia groups. Say it should be noted if not necessarily believed denies everything so faustin are twelve dera remains president though it would be unsurprising to discover that he keeps a bag packed. Bongi his capital is probably safe ish. Aside from the central african republic's own military it is defended by miniskirt a un peacekeeping mission of roughly eleven thousand troops. Doing one of the more difficult and dangerous jobs currently being undertaken by the blue helmeted three peacekeepers from burundi. Were killed on christmas day in fighting with militias. Nia dakota desire besides being us your brothers and sisters that we see so that our brothers and sisters can also enjoy these other than that you and mission has been joined in recent weeks by an extra deployment of troops from rwanda already a major contributor to manisco.

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