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I ran for president in 1976% most effective supporter, Understanding but decades he has been my loyal and dedicated friend. Show has experience character and bring us together. We're still standing is uncertain times Nobody realizes that many American lives to save the state. These are mash and Tessie recommended about matters. Joe Biden must be on next. Yeah, he must says, says the guy who led to the complete downfall of the Middle East in many ways. Really good stuff there from from a guy who was hobnobbing with Hamas and talking about their wonders in the not too distant past. Also, we got some John Kerry's wedding. I'm always excited when we get John Kerry. I'm the only one that nobody likes John Kerry. So the sad, sad news for John Kerry is that his face is utterly collapsed. He used to be on ly about 2 ft. Long Now he's gonna complete Easter Island. Head as John Kerry. A mudslide in the Hollywood Hills. Is that face that I thought about running for president this time around by the way after that 2004 debacle. So John Car arrive to explain. We need people who stand up for American troops like may rip them as war criminals suggested the day after day in a member, a manner reminiscent of genders calm That's direct quote from John Kerry, circa the 19 seventies. In the winter soldier Testimony, bring electrodes to generals, cutting off ears and noses. That's our troops. The worst people on Earth also My son for the troops. The troops are our best people. You should listen to me about what troops want. After all, what they love. Most of all is when I slandered them. There was John Cara. This is the bottom line. Our interests, our ideals and our brave men and women in uniform can't afford four more years of Donald Trump. Our troops can't get out of harm's way by hiding in the White House bunker. They need a president who will stand up for them. And President Biden will When I hear about people standing up for the troops, I think this this month for sure for sure. Then John Kerry came out. It was like when Trump goes overseas. It's a blooper reel. As opposed to when you go overseas, and you just kiss asked to the Iranians As opposed to when you go overseas in you just allow the Iranians to seize Crimea and Syria. As opposed when you go overseas, and Vice President Biden goes overseas to the USA and is forced to apologize because you're so bad at this. Here's John Kerry were secretary of state in American history. Donald Trump inherited a growing economy in a more peaceful world. And like everything else he inherited, he bankrupted it. When this president goes overseas, it isn't a good will. Mission is a blooper reel. He breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators. America deserves a president who has looked up to not laughed at. Okay. No one was more laughed at by America's enemies. Then Barack Obama, who's seen as a pushover because he was a pushover, in fact. You'll only laugh it from because of his foibles because he says silly things. But they laughin when Trump is slapping sanctions on the Chinese, which is why the Chinese are trying to get your Biden elected. Iranians have not been laughing at Donald Trump. They've been studiously attempting to get Joe Biden elected. We'll get two more from the DNC at night, too. In just one second folks, you keep asking me then what can I help do to save the country? That's November? Well, America itself is in many ways on the ballot are Freedom's free enterprise system, the future of the country. And the 2020 election. It was about turnout. It always is. Democrats are opponents. They have their get out the vote machine..

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