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What I was told later is that if you have bad habits to break your more trainable? So a lot of the people in my class, who had military or law, enforcement backgrounds had developed apparently some habits that were not easy to break them of and as a result of me, being more of a blank slate, and it probably wasn't hurt by the fact that in high school I had a propensity for going to the arcade when we had. Had Video Arcades. My mother gave me rolls of quarters. I think to keep me busy between the end of school in the beginning of practice, and so during that interim period I would spend a lot of time on these games that taught me hand eye coordination. What were you good at particularly the video arcade? Yeah, my favorites were Glagah. I liked centipede. Liked to joust. Those were some of my favorite games, and so you're attributing some of that to your marksmanship at the FBI. Academy I think so. It's a hand eye coordination thing when you graduate. Where are you assigned? I was assigned to Kansas City Missouri. How did that happen at that time? When you went through the new agents class, they gave you a list of just ten out of the fifty six field offices in the FBI. You had a wish list of ten topped in places. You want to go being from Jeffersonville Indiana, the area of Louisville. Louisville Kentucky I wanted to go to the beach because I enjoyed our beach vacations when I was growing up, so I thought that would be a coolest I meant, so you listed beach cities? Yeah, absolutely I listed are field offices in Jacksonville and Tampa and Miami and San Diego, and all these places along the beach I thought it'd be pretty cool. Unfortunately, whoever was making the assignments that day for the FBI totally ignored my list, and that happened it does it does they decided for whatever reason that they had a need in Kansas City Missouri that date. And I had never been to Kansas. City Missouri and up to the front of the Class Open my envelope to say where I'm going. And that's sort of the protocol at the protocol was walk up in front of the class, and you have a thumb tack with. Basically that's representing you. And there's a big map on the wall behind you. And, the idea was you. Put your thumb tack in the city where you're assigned and so as I'm reading this, it's big surprise. You Open the envelope and you say. Your Office of assignment is changed from which your process through Indianapolis because I was going to school in Indiana University in nap was Indiana to Kansas City Missouri, and then I took my thumb tack and I started at the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast and win across. Sorry going to the left and before I, knew it I was actually in the Pacific Ocean and I thought. How did I Miss Kansas City Missouri? Where is Kansas City? Missouri and I looked at. It was directly in the staple, and at that time it occurred to me. That law is equidistant from all beaches. These FBI people got to be pretty smart. This way I can get to any beach i. want the same amount of time or another way to look at it. They put you as far from every beach. Possibly could. They did do like it in Kansas City It was phenomenal. I couldn't ask for better assignment first of all, I thought that back to the science and engineering thing is going to be working something technical or I be working government fraud. There was a Boeing plant at that time in Wichita Kansas the Kansas City field office is responsible for half of Missouri, and all of Kansas. I thought while they'll have me working something. Government fraud technical related. Instead I was put on the violent crime squad..

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