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Than a Honda 9 45 Dave Johnson. Football lovers have been waiting for this day. Yeah, because the NFL is back, although is it ever really a way out of our lives that anymore, But it really is back tonight. Season starts in Tampa Defending Champion Buccaneers up against Cowboys Bucks returning all 22 starters from the top 10 offense and defense cowboys and try to come Back for that six in 10 season. They do have that Prescott back now talking NFL of course of the D C sports model India. Oh, why should wide receiver Curtis Samuel appeared to tweak a groin injury that has been bothering him for months? And for George Wallace? You worried now that it's lingering family already is a lingering thing, But at what point are we can actually see him on the field because him not playing to me. Is a big deal. I mean, that's a big free agent signing another weapon for fits. Uh, so that's a big deal for me. And for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Chargers Day, Preston says, Maybe that time zone and difference the charges. They'll think it's 10 A.m. and some one o'clock Kif cake. You'll hear what he's talking about The D C sports fellow the podcast DC app apple or wherever you get your podcast Nationals get the win over. The Braves Have 42 1 solo home run the Orioles boy. This must have been the best rather than forever. Nine runs in the 8th 98 win over the Royals and World Cup qualifying United States defeats Honduras 4 to 1 boy they needed that win. Dave Johnson, Wtlv Sports Big win If they're getting the guitar next year, coming up here on w T O P. We're following breaking news as President Biden orders a change to the Covid vaccine policy for federal workers. That's after traveling weather. It's 9 47. Here's Matt Brag Stad, the vice president and head of people, vision and strategy at in four on the panel discussion, the future federal workplace sponsored by and four and now that we got everybody that can work remote. The ability to work from But now we really have to change our focus to that 2% of employees are 12% or 22%. That really didn't get a lot of support yet were in harm's way for much of the last year and a half. Listen to the entire discussion on federal news Network Search in for the workforce continues to change at a rapid pace..

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