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But we have tiptoe in the role of pixar marvel of some live action films and once a week. Now we sort of do a a simulcast. A co between best film ever and talking to mickey on Whatever the disney series is your is all right now We call it falcon and the weekly soldier and that is ethan. Leads that one. Actually he's the one of my grocer. Yeah that's the one where i have to sit in in the in the co host share and and just you know interrupt whenever i feel like the spotlight. I'm trying so that kind of links us. I think more naturally into the film we are discussing today. Well okay before we make the The the direct leap if you will into this film where spying cost and you guys know that. So i'm curious. I'll tell you on the spot in first. What's your favorite spy film whole favorite spy film. I'm going to go. it's probably going to be. It's one of the first ones i ever saw that. I was old enough to kind of get what was going on. I'm gonna throw some love to a mostly overlooked bond. Now i'd say in the sense that he started off strong and then it got ridiculously cartoony. I'm gonna give it to pierce brosnan's debut in goldeneye might just be the strength of the villain. But i just thought as far. I love it when heroes like come against their counterpoint. The evil version of themselves in sort of the end battle. And so. I loved the game of chess between sean bean and Out trevelyan and chris brosnan's james bond and bond wasn't ridiculous and stupid and having every gadget that felt more grounded so i really appreciated Golden knights dot one's mind. It were big fans of that one here to what about you ethan. I prepped for this. Because i knew. I'd get stumped by this and i'm gonna go sorta similar within the i spy film i really thrown..

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