Vince Carter, Mcgrady, Raptors discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Yeah i know with vince carter vince carter averaged more than fifteen points a game about that it's quarter still saying mcgrady's go in the hole carter still out there ballin for sacramento bolan mike when he plays well as balding balding as well that's right then mike which story would you prefer to talk about because we have not talked enough sports today we've just been fooling around and i know you guys have some stuff on the raptors but i'd prefer to feud with the nfl because i feel like that's where the show is going to end like whenever the show ends whenever that is it's going to be a fight against just the stiffness of the nfl and now you know somebody john fox has been hired by the network all we've been doing around here for fifteen years making fun of the idea that these coaches are geniuses and so for the last five years all we've been doing is making fun of john fox like more than almost anybody like yeah you've got there almost with the paint manning and then we give you another job 'cause we always do and now you're just the garrulous and you know don't leave out a gano i mean napa gano but it's like the same thing when we hired him oh higher let's hold on can we get a radio deal with gano oh just the voices to a podcast and we get a radio deal god he's got to do like make monday like a post game press conference where we asked the guys listen listen because mike is fighting mike is running interference for the pirate ship here.

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