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Young man from early twenties from was it england arkansas award and here's charlottesville for them bega confederate minute protest last summer and he's found guilty for a beaten up a fellow who happened to be a different ethnicity than him and as far as i'm concerned throw the book at him regardless of whose skin is white black brown yellow red whatever throw the book at him but are you concerned does it trouble you that there's this liberal up there in north west arkansas who's in state legislature say if you're a black person who wants to make it but wants to go easy on somebody wants to go easy on somebody who attacks you if they're the same color that you are most throw the book at somebody's a different color was that seem right as a gentleman just call up and said all crimes violence or hate crimes you don't attack somebody 'cause you love them you don't kill somebody because you love him beat somebody up because you love them is all hey doesn't matter whether you stray gate i can't get it straight no matter whether you straight or gay or what color you are what color your victims.

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