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A public speaker 'cause I love getting onstage talking to women so I didn't want this woman to have power over me wit in on this month on the state every week and work on my budget to seal take me but then that date kept getting pushed out in honestly I don't know if I would have had the current the corporate world overall plus I am very big research nerd I have a fascination four-lane obsession with behavioral science or marketing campaigns or impact we make on the business sometimes can't really be discerned large organization there's so many people around so many different things it's really hard to know who's doing a good job or she's even doing work at all so when you layer this sort of invisible that compromise the quality of our relationship on top of that we have to compete for the promotion without some sort of objective criteria imminence in self promotion the combination can be toxic especially for women because for salt research shows that on average more more women are motivated by and perform veteran collaborative win win environments whereas men are more the opposite is true for men or the more better we're motivated by competitive pursuits so these competitions a lot of times you know power inherent in women is is there is relationship connections and when we can forge those in pursuit of a common goal women are really unstoppable but the zero sand Tom Yeah no one it's so well I'd love your perspective one of the things I've been wondering about do you did you see any correlation between we talk about how there are so fewer women in leadership positions across the board right not any one company but across the board there's fewer women and top leadership positions certainly fewer intact there's there's a scaredy mindset on what's possible I think that we've conflated the term leader with manager with a manager you're you're in place have to obey usually managers of total power over your your career and the problem is we only we only call these executive positions it's a tricky use of language women do aspire to be leaders in their leaders female leaders everywhere working longer hours and playing office politics it compromises your broader goals in life and reduces the quality of your life. I mean how can we call that a win you know people that you're trying to serve and that's not progress I loved talking with Marissa and hearing her what's on how the corporate world encourage us to compete against each other rather than work with each other I much prefer to work collectively towards a common goal and that's exactly what Beta brand is doing they are crowd funding platform for fashion Beta brand welcomes feedback and brings crowd sourced ideas such a smart design they're comfortable work appropriate and versatile they've got styles for different shapes different sizes and tastes Kabuki cut straight leg skinny cropped.

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