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What is it like at the ceremony or somewhere else so it Beyonce did. Barack Obama and 2012. She I think was a performer at the inauguration, saying not a ballad, but you know, not a not a typical song and dance. They usually dressed for the occasion a coat because it's like 25 degrees out there in D. C. I can't even think of a J. Lo song. To be honest with you waiting for tonight, which I guess he doesn't have to wait for tonight. No, I'm waiting for 10 A.m.. I'm curious to see what that's about. What? We'll hear it live right here in WTMJ I It's an exciting day for America. Take the politics out of it. This doesn't happen that often. This is our 46th president. I actually have some trivia facts that I'll get to nine o'clock trivia Inauguration, fax. Fun stuff from all these years of having inaugurations. First one was in New York City, actually did you know that? I did I do now? Yeah, not in, of course, because there wasn't a Capitol building that Yeah. So what about you? I'm the one with what? Fax. Well, I had some time this morning. You know, I only got about an hour's showed a plan because we have all this live coverage. Well, what will I be doing between the tenant? Noontime Jordan looking at me like Jordan's is napping. Yeah, Yeah, I'm not really a Naber Jordan. So you should really know your host better than that. I'm not a napper, but While George is five. Wow. Wow, He's harsh this morning to get enough sleep last night. All right. Good. All right, so he's rested. All right, So, yes, we have full coverage and let's do this. Take a break after the break. Word Pardon came into play very early this morning. Not a lot of surprises, but a few will get to those Steve Mike Spaulding Jordan Gazza reality is always doing his crack job as producer of this hit radio show. A lot more to get super gets would have to break right here in WTMJ. The.

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