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That time christmas and so i don't know that that's that's what pops in my head store. Yeah yeah it was really blessed by berry just for the record people the first one to bring up food this week so there you go a rare the to or not the one doing it bother. Tell you what we had though before Before meaning today though we had we had. What did we have very early. Tell us what we had goat cheese. That was so much fun. And i really enjoy saver. Net with cranberries with cranberry off. Yeah so if anybody wants to know what is. The significance of the goat. Cheese listened to last week's podcast and you really got to hear what the significance of the goat. Cheese with cranberries. It was really funny and yeah. We don't want to go into moment amount. We'll leave it at that. Yeah okay all right. Well i was just thinking what is i. I've always asked. How does why did we. What does this christmas gift stuff. Where does this wrapping presents. And i don't know. I always think of saint nicholas. Everybody's heard of that old seat nikki's the first santa claus and i think he was in what the eighties or something eighty or something like that. But i mean that's where i thought it was but is actually a history behind this. Is there like something to why we open presents on. Christmas or war does this. How does this all begin. Anybody know so. There's didn't start with the magic right wall. Maybe the three wise men. I never thought of that. I mean they only is. That was the first guest. Right if it's if christmas is about the birth of christ and and the people who brought the gift of christ you know the gold murder and frankencense did not start there. No it actually started with the holy spirit impregnating. Mary and giving us the greatest gift of all. Now you know. But i'm talking from america's step point. Where does history now. We're getting all spiritual eyes on it. And i don't know maybe there's truth to that but i don't know from american had any thoughts on that. It's funny when you brought this up. I was just thinking well. Hasn't it always been that way and you know we're doing doing some research and like no. This is really a relatively new concept. And i know how many how many of you out here have even heard of washington irving he kind of brought this modern day. Christmas into Into existence america human hurt them. No i hadn't neither. I look but who is he. Well well berry will appreciate this. I saw a picture. I think was a painting of washington irving with george washington so we can just kind of tie it right back to if lost. Go back to episode two..

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