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The harsh and the bank of reporters would their trucks all ready when questions in my brain did this really funny thing i'm walking out torrance this and i'm thinking oh look at that holder for all those microphones just big chunk of aluminum about half inch thick when the rainiest edge is an parts for all these microphones that is a machine shop built that thing they built it that it can't be a big market it can't be huge market scott me this ltd things probably cost like twelve hundred bucks so let me news i sort of wondering lives literally all the way walking i'm thinking this is emily news talk kathleen ten who's do they used for any press conference is the first time show up the first person is so i'm just like sort of one of my waves of relaxing is looking at things and imagining how they got built my imagining the first meeting the designed meeting the immigration process the manufacturing at cetera and this is no different than i stand up at the mike jamie nightstand and people are like the reporters are asking at first it's this very accomplished okay what's your question how i feel about okay and we started the answer questions and we're answering them obviously there is nothing hide here we had nothing to obfuscate this mistake was made on our watch we we were responsible and we were taking that responsibility and within six questions the whole energy became like if views to the point of like became real quiet press conference and people ask like performer question on everyone's like shrugging when like all right i think we got what we need yeah and there was another lovely lesson that to make a story not like we didn't weird suit both damian actually all five of us cary grant tori jamie i are production team are producers are production company all of us were mortified by this this is her us the darkest day of myth buster yeah i mean you could have killed a woman in a child with the caps hannibal awful absolutely awful and were still you know if i am talking to a large audience and someone says cannonball and people laugh i tell the story as a way of saying there's nothing funny about this and i get the humor and i get how that humor dovetails with their vision of mythbusters but the fact is nothing funny about it and we were treating it as something we were trying to hide obfuscate skate or divest responsibility of and that meant an you know the the the the reporters were like all right i guess that's about it yeah all right so you tell me about this iron man suit this is i know this is coming up at like this thing is the next lay it's totally insane so there's this new show i have called savage builds it starts airing on june twelfth on the science channel after battle bots an i it's we we were in production on the show from january through march through april of this year and the very first episode yeah we built of working suit of ironman armor out of three d printing titanium kevin finey the head of the marvel group a gave me her little permission to get their original computer files of the ironman mark to suit from shane may hand at legacy affects the guys that have built all these ironman suits and middle made tons of incredible armor costumes for the marvel and countless other films a an we worked with the colorado school of mines on which is in mind within an it's an incredible engineering school not not mind not my ass makes a joke 'em incredible engineering school and the best part about it was it just grew out of me having done in appearance at the school of mines and then saying hey we got this whole new additive manufacturing department they literally the entire building the teach kids about out of manufacturing three d printing and they should we just got this.

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