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I mean, it's been such your release at this is going to make her spiral even more. But she isn't bomb. I know I'm a data I'm twenty years old. She's like sixty and has a mom and grandma nanny cay nanny. That's crazy like British people just live forever, yet like the Queen. Oh, true. Yes. That's frightening. Anyways this aside. For for everyone like these has experience a lot of laws. It's better to experience a lot of loss in short period of time or over the course of a long period of time experience, like many different losses. I don't know can be as short period of time. Like you're ready in such a dark place, just pilot where writing the meeting of life, just pilot on as opposed to being in the dark place, questioning me life getting over that. And then going back to it like, Scott, who, like both of his parents short three time, like really affected versus hopefully we've lost people, but it's been kind of staggered memento, we're okay, so I think it's like the way that life works. It's meant to be not all at once you. So this must be tough for her. And I do feel for her as an I'm wishing her. Well, I will be writing her him written note. I wonder if she'll Jackson britney's. Oh my God. She's totally not going to be, but I am and I might be going because I don't have a dress that trust. There was a bit of weight was my only concern. I mean it's got this dress. I should picture. I really don't know if it's like it's, it's black and white, but it's white lace and no one would ever steak me for the bride ever. Like no, Brad would ever wear the dress but like is disrespectful, especially, like I feel like I'm really coming Jackson's guest more so than Brittany's. I don't think that Britney kind of girl that would mean either at anyone. Also, I don't even like that dress. That's what I need to go shopping for a dress. And like the only thing that makes me like one time more than shopping. Dress is like. Nothing. Wow. You couldn't pay me to go shopping today. But actually, we do pay when you have to go. No kidding. We'll go tomorrow. Yeah. Okay. I'll see some summer turns to, I don't think but juicy Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she was invited to Jackson. Britney's wedding in trying to figure out if they can go onto didn't see like John and go, like, I will die, you'll definitely be there. Then yeah. No, I'm going. I'm recently made peace because this entire month that since I got vacation, I guess, I don't know how to read, and I felt what he was on Sunday, which was a little annoying, because it's New York pride, and, like I had a lot of plans, and it was really thinking about not going to the wedding. But then I found out the weddings action Saturday, and that I don't know how to read, so now we're going to the wedding Saturday back sunny morning and raging it up on the flowed. Oh, I'm so excited for you. I know that was really becoming your cost. It was coming right in our challenge. Guys should I go? I didn't answer him because I didn't I didn't know what to tell you 'cause it's cross bear worthy, because it's a real Sophie's choice. That's thing by choices will have to make them including. I don't like talking about. It's fucking shopping about southeast choice. Change it to you and just choice. Outing. Kilby's choices a great term until you realize what her choice was between two choosing which one of her children to die but it's like ignorance is bliss when it comes to choice, and you just think it's a Sophie's choice, but I agree. We should change the name Deandra choice. Who sandra? I don't know. The are you thinking of someone who, like who had a big decision to base. Okay. Such a great question. Let's think things like a great movie. Character like okay I just watch it legally blonde red white and blond..

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