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All right, so Dan asked me to breach several weeks ago. And give you a little background on the ground. So usually the outside preachers are going through the Somme. And the next song is psalm 38, which Brian read for us. And so I spent about a week probably in psalm 38 looking at that. And it's a bleak. Passage to say the least. You know, I was struggling getting excited about it. And but I was going to do it because all of scripture should be preached. And we are blessed with elders and others who preacher that are willing to preach all of scripture, no matter how hard it is. And so I was diving into this and I got to admit, I wasn't excited. Do you ever listen to the preachers that bring lots of good news, happy thoughts, and they skip the other stuff? I could easily be that. That would be my band. But Dan threw me a bone. A week later, he comes to me and he says, hey, how about Isaiah 40? Would you do that? And I look at Isaiah 40 and I'm like, yeah, I can do Isaiah 40 because not only did he throw me a bone, but threw me a bone that had a lot of meat on it, okay? Easy meat, okay? This is actually a bone that is probably still in the cow. It is so much neat on this Isaiah 41. So I went from looking at stuff like your arrows, pierces me deeply in your hand presses me down to comfort, yes, comfort my people, okay? So there's the heart of my message coming to you. This is where I'm at. And so. I wanted to give you that little bit of background. So you could understand how joyful this message is. So with that, well, let's go to the lord and prayer. Heavenly father. Lord. Your word is so rich. Lord every piece of it. Lord, let us look at these words. From Isaiah, lord you gave to the prophet, the lord, you've given to us lord not as a history lesson, but lord, as an understanding and a revelation of who you are. Lord, let our hearts take these words. Lord and not turn them into some action that we can be proud of, but lord that the spirit would work in a lord that we would turn them into your glory lord that we would see your glory shine through them because that is their purpose. That is their true meaning. A God who is so far above us. And yet lets us come and sit with him and worship him or thank you for that as this message comes lord, let it truly be you. In Christ's name amen. Hit a little bit of background in Isaiah. And at this point, I kind of feel like, for those of you who have been here for a while and done a Wednesday night with us for how long were we in Isaiah. I feel like I should just say Justin, can you recap Isaiah for us? And I bet he could do it. So Isaiah is it's not exciting for a matter of fact. Of psalm 38. Chapters one through 39, okay? It's somewhat of a bleak thing. I mean, just to start out and Isaiah, chapter one, just starting the vision of Isaiah, the son of Amos, which you saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem in the days of esia, jotham ahaz, and hezekiah kings of Judah. Hero heavens and give eero earth for the lord has spoken. I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me. The ox knows its owner and the donkey it's master's crib, but Israel does not know my people do not consider. Alas inflammation. A people laden with iniquity, a brood of evildoers, children who are corruptors. They have forsaken the lord. They have provoked anger the holy one of Israel. They have turned away backward. So this is the flavor of Isaiah. Most of the way through Isaiah up until. Chapter really about chapter 35. It starts, there's still some bleak coming, but up to 39. So in chapter 6, I got to tell you, I associated well with Isaiah in chapter 6, Isaiah gives his account of his calling to be the prophet and chapter 6. See, he recognizes he's in the presence of the lord, just okay, so every once in a while, my Sherman study feels a little bit like a pinball machine. You throw the ball up there and it bounces around a little while until you get to settle back down, okay? So every once in a while, I'm going to bounce. So right now I'm going to bounce. I'll try to warn you, but I can't promise. So I'm going to bounce. So in the song, beautiful tune Al should die. We sing it occasionally. Some people pick it quite frequently. And the song L should die. It talks uses the word add a 9. And when Isaiah inverse one of chapter 6 says he is in the presence of the lord. That's the word adenine. Now, the significance there is ad and I is translated as O lord. And what that means, so we have almighty. We have so many names for God, but Adam and I is O lord. So that is a term that comes out from us to him recognizing his sovereignty. We would say O lord because he had sovereign over us. We would recognize his lordship. And so that's Isaiah right here. Isaiah says he is in the presence of the lord at an eye. So he's recognizing God sovereignty and his lordship. Then he gets to hear the Sarah from choir. He recognizes his unworthiness in that, says his lips are unclean, but then a live coal is put on his lips, and it is told him that his iniquity is taken away and his sin is purged. Okay? Then God asks, who will go for us? And Isaiah see volunteers. She says, here I am. Sin me. And then God gives him this message. Keep on hearing. This is the message that he, the start of the message he is to bring to Israel at this point. So, okay, I'm going to go now, God says here is your message to Israel. Keep on hearing, but do not understand. Keep on seeing, but do not perceive. Make the heart of his people dull and their ears heavy and shut their eyes lest they see with their eyes and hear what their ears and understand what their heart and return and be healed. So he is actually giving a message of Israel's got a hard and hard and you can go tell him they've got a hardened heart. And so his message to them is they've got a hardened heart. So that is going to take us this message of a hardened heart and judgment to come and judgment that's at their doorstep and we see that judgment up until.

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