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Obviously but is certainly made life very very difficult for everyone and i know that he was very hard to deal with for those people during that edit meanwhile i'm marriage to some and we did revolutionary road together and suddenly the two films end up coming out at the same time i cannot complain about the outcome of any part of it obviously i count not for one second but harvey did that all deliberately and it was completely unnecessary really unpleasant business tactics for on the way oscar grubber well yes sir was and the way that he spoke to people the way that he spoke to me the way that he spoke to people in my working life to people in my own personal life was so appalling and he'd done it for absolutely years and i just thought to myself well if i can just get my own back in some way at this awful man i'm not going to thank him if i happened to win the oscar i am not going to say thank you scott word him was my friend and he had to take his name off the rita because it was so hard for him to continue to work with harvey on a business level he was just so horrible to deal with an an and everybody knows that and i'm not christ knows i'm not the only one on any any kind of business level who is struggle with harvey weinstein he would do things like you know i was one of the ones he would label difficult because i wouldn't do the things he would ask me to do on a business level so he would try and build in special caveats in my contract so he would dangle the carrot of a role say oh we want you for things that i shouldn't say because other people of played those parts brilliant they are we want you for this pot but only if and he would build in these caveats in my contract which would literally say things like kate winslet will agree to do whatever press i tell her to because again i guess it comes beckley oscar for hanoi was such a central yes so you've got us through the campaign regardless of the age of my children regardless of whether my.

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