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It could be a number, but it needs to be a number to denote a level of hierarchy. We accepted the fact that we had to move away from formula three rather formula. So I thought about what would be very hard when we came up with all sorts of names as you guys would if you're trying to come up with something that was going to stand the test of time. And we decided I decided actually that name GB three would be good. It was succinct crisp. And it had the level. And the FIA to be fair to them, we're in agreement. I mean, I think they were. They were not completely comfortable with the position that they were in and they wanted to find a sense of resolution with us. So we were like minded on that approach. And the FIA and liberty agreed the name GB three with motor sport UK. So that came about. Now some people may have felt it was an odd thing to do in the middle of a season, but I think actually it was a very good thing to do in the middle of the season because we had we had all of our teams. We had the drivers. We have the history. We had a good grade. And actually just changing it over a race to GB three meant that there wasn't any uncertainty about who was going to be on the grid, which teams were going to be doing it and all those sort of things. And it's morphed into formula British formula three as morphed into GB three. I think superbly. I think people in the sport were actually calling it GV three. It's a very crisp name, it's crisp, but really, the British formula three. And so I think that's worked well. And it's been, I think, partly because the car itself is so good. The racing's so good. The drivers like the car, the teams like the car, teams, drivers like the way we run the championship. That the name, the new name of the championship has been very well accepted and now it's there it's done. We'll come onto the car in a second Jonathan, but I just want to bring Stephen in here and ask him, basically, as Jonathan says there, Steven, you know, I guess there wasn't going to be a good time to change the name. You know, you could have either done it in the middle of the season of the end. What do you think about it being changed in the middle of the season? Because I know when sort of the news came out, we knew that obviously MSV had been having discussions with the FIA about the name for a few years. But it came as a bit of a surprise towards the it was going to happen mid season wasn't it from British F three to GB three. As you sort of hinted that it's always difficult choosing when to make these changes. But as Jonathan said, changing it in the middle of the year, it does really bring some advantages. And it means drivers who are looking at what their options are for next year. They've already know what GB three is, what it stands for, whereas if it changed to GB three, say now there'd be questions about what is that? Is that actually what British F three used to be? Is it something different? So I think the timing of the name change whilst it was perhaps a surprise that it did happen midseason. I think that actually has worked really well and as Jonathan says already got used to it. And it's already sort of stacking their minds. And I think having that three in there with the back to British F three, that works really well as well. So I think considering it was a difficult situation to deal is I think it's had a good outcome was good and outcome as it could do. I think I know when the name change happened, there was still a few people in the paddock. I think even myself who would continue calling it British F three sort of inadvertently. But I think by the final round that donnington, everyone had kind of nobody was saying British chef three anymore, so I guess that's sort of a success in itself, isn't it that people have actually taken this new name on. An appoint in particular as well is the fact that it was changed mid season Jonathan is because, you know, for next year, you know, you mentioned the success of this car that was used for this year in the last couple of seasons. But for next year, there's going to be a new car as well in GB three. So I guess it was important to get the name change out of the way before this new car came in and people perhaps had a bit of uncertainty about where this championship was in the pecking order of UK single seaters. The car for next year then what was the decision to change it for next season and what can you tell us about the car that's going to be introduced? Okay, first of all, pride is just addressing your final question there, Stefan about the new car. I have to say I isol occasionally we'll call it formula three, but like you, the number of times we do is fading, but then you see, I'm still calling, I'm British, I'm sorry, FIA F two and FIA F three. I mean, I'm still calling FIA two GP two half the time because that was a strong name and a GP three GP two. They were strong names, weren't, and they lasted well, and I'm sure many people when the FIA have two and FIA of three came along, we're still calling it GP two and GP three. So it's a question of if it's a crisp easy name that people understand..

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