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To have our here's is this young woman is just a bright shining star she is so full of love so full of light i met her if to about two years ago toy about two years ago fell in love with the toy the minute i met her and her mother uh and um i just recently found out from sandra malboum my dear friend uh that toys been really struggling with uh lupus and this started for toy back in two thousand and twelve and i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna handed over to toy and let her share some of her story of of her of her iq her their journey in her struggles with with lupus thank you first of all for having me here he three this in honor to to be able to eat to work with you in distill to watch how you work on your definitely an inspiration in in m a hoped grew up to be dislike e seriously u n misspelled syndrome alba he mentioned in them yet as far as leave this goes i have a second secondly i don't consider myself a sick person and i've never really been sickly you know but this is something that that has been sneak keane up on me since i was a child um yes i was officially diagnosed in two thousand twelve but um a hat symptoms it so as a a a young girl um i guess if you wanna rewind tibet now will do my best not to be graphic because yet it's it's been in of gross here and there but as a challenge us the first things that i remember having issues with were were digestive problems for no particular reason i hope that to the point where had to sleep with a trash can beside my bid because it just hit in the middle of the night in everything that i ate would come back up and for no reason um and now appears course took me to the the doctor after so long but they've they can figure out what was going on passports from years later um um but lupus symptoms were hitting me through my joints and um to the point where i would have such severe joint pain and inflammation were oh it become paralysed disconnect for several weeks at a time i thought.

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