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Daddy blocked. You'RE GONNA start. This segment. Posts are nice. Try this. This is so fierce speaking fucking poster child for being bucket blocked the post well locking which in turn has gotten. He blocked blocked on multiple occasions. I'm sorry Sophia I'll never block you. I'll never block you. The daddy has been writing in and they're also blocked and Mr like what the fuck do I do when I'm blogs and I need to fucking get a hold of this bitch. It is different for girls than it is for guy absolutely league. If you are a man listen to me you are never fucking blog. You may be physically blocked your personal accounts from seeing her ship but you're actually ever fucking Blah. You are never blocked. LemMe paint a scene for you. She has just watched fuck in seven ROM coms. She had a bottle title of wind yourself. She took a box of chocolates to her fuck in phase she's in her feel and she is going to get on her fake account and stock every single thing you're doing. Your friends are doing your family's doing your cousin. Twice removed is doing okay. Le Man if she's not her friends. Hello one hundred your percent. If I see one thing guy so if he was talking to was up to that blocked her high sophia screen recorded his entire page and went to every single picture here. Here's here's a scream recording screen shots. Every fucking bitch has their friends on high alert the man they talk to you. That's just how girls work and you know what you know what even if she asked her friends kindly. Please do not tell me what jared is up to her. Friends are GonNa fuck and tell her to. That's the thing I just hope girls jetson thing and so you need to take advantage of how absolutely insane women are because this is the first one I think the only time that we are going to tell men to post the equivalent of a thirst trap. Absolutely you're going to be more active on your page and you've ever fucking Ben Yeah. You're going to be out at a party and you're going to throw up a fuck and snapchat. Not You'RE GONNA put it on your instagram story. You're going to let this bitch. No you are living out her. Maybe a little inconspicuous video with the Blonde Bitch next. You can't see the blonde bitch face with the girls can't stop the blonde bit very inconspicuous. She's going to be like who the fuck is he and the only way she could ever find out if she shows up like crazy bitch party when when you and I would do but guys that is how you basically get her to come crawling back to you. Is you start being way more active on social media and if you don't WanNa it come off super obvious like you literally never pose. Have your friends do go now girl girls if he has you you blocked it is the thing that's fucked up about men and it really fucking pisses me off is they are so much fucking better. out of sight out of mind than women women are most men can be like yes we're done or you blocked me so I'm never looking at your shit perfect example fucking guy that ghosted you he saw are you walk by and he'd been in slid into your text messages. He sees me in that Buchan dining hall and he's like Oh wait their way. Men are way more visual but he's not stalking my social media so unfortunately grimm in if he blocks you because you can't throw up a thirst trial. No He's not gonNA see no. He's not looking at any friends or not. GonNa be like Bro. Look at what did so. I'M GONNA risk sounding Stalker Ish but fucking run into him. Yes one hundred per besides you can if you know his class if you know where the party he's going to that is way too. That's the way to troll yeah. You sound so psycho. I don't care but honestly this second. A Guy sees you is when everything will change through try to run into him at a party. Try to run into his friend. I don't care if you out to make a fake could count and pretend to be girl. That's interested in him home. Make sure you're a hot girl on the fake account okay fucking. Dm Him Okay and be like hey hey. Are you going out tonight. I WanNa suck your Weiner and then guess who shows up you fucking do dude. I did this to my friends in college and it's fucked up but here's another tactic ladies I I hold my friends and I would say hi bridget. You need to go fuck his friend so I can be in on every bit of their plans every every loose you'll be like.

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