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Continuing. My home. You need a rag there, darling. How how has been what do you go home her? What do you do while, I'm not from Brooklyn, I'm from scarsdale and also trained so I was trained in mid Atlantic. Mid Atlantic speech by warm and Skinner when I put my mind to it. So she has another speech pattern and a lot of it's from Brooklyn. And then she kind of cleans it up. Sometimes if you're going to do something for me, you better do it perfectly or you don't belong here. So all of a sudden, she has a hard are coming in from across the Hudson from New Jersey, and it may be her sense of elocution and elegance. She had marvelous taste in in her decor of the palace. And I thought I was watching the way she dressed she just absolutely beautifully. She was exquisite very good looking woman and. In inside her little soul in the beginning. She would say things, I can you believe this this this little poor Jewish girl has hooked the greatest real estate mogul at the at the peak of her life of her career. I mean, what was her world like she would give I'm just wild about Harry parties, it was a very famous one at the Park Lane hotel. And there were celebrities everywhere, and they would come in after the party began in the and the Utah caster would would start. I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry is wild about me. So they would come in and dance to that. And everybody had I'm just wild about Harry pins and Harry's pin said, I'm Harry, so she had a very extravagant parties one she had a Barbie and Ken doll at eight centerpiece of the table as a famous couple, but with the heads of Leona, and Harry, so you had Napoleon and Josephine you had Tarzan and Jane, you had Adam and eve and eve was topless. It was furious. Do you have a sense of the relationship that she had with her husband loved him loved him? I'm sure part of her sexual attraction to him was his money. But it wasn't just for money. She thought he was brilliant. She was obsessed with real estate, and he in his own modest humble way was obsessed with real estate and together they were formidable because she had visions of beauty. And by the time he met her. He was so wealthy. He could over indulge himself and the budget in in the jewel of their crown which was the Helmsley palace hotel. We're gonna take a quick break. And we'll be right back with more from Togo felt you don't go away. You're listening to all of it on WNYC WNYC is supported by Atlantic theater company, presenting the US premiere of the mother a new play about a woman.

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