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A started grambling in the sixties Freddie Robinson at I include include him well for one thing he was a terrific player in our in. A real gentleman is one season as a head coaching college. Football was in nineteen ninety one years the head coach at Long Beach State and he replaced the famous George Allen who had been a longtime NFL head coach Wjr and at the end of the season which long beach state went to in mind to nine. The university disbanded the program. So Willie Brown you last head coach in Long Beach State University but one of the one of the many great players Eddie Robinson OUT FROM GRANDMA IT may be the greatest shot in. NFL films history. Yes is that right. The super slow mo him staring directly directly at the camera and in that raiders uniform. I mean honestly as a subscribed to sports illustrated they'd send you the vhs tape right right of the NFL moments and every documentary the NFL films says ever done has had that long slow motion shot a Willie Brown around. The intensities is coming through that facemask. Now that was my introduction to him and and and obviously you have conversations people about eight C. H. B. C.. You the football. And he's one of the pillars of and obviously with you know maybe arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time and but Willie Brown a pillar of Aspca you football and then obviously of those great raiders teams. He was not drafted by. AFL ORIENT NFL in Robinson. Once said after Brown retired one of the issues was he was he. He played split split in an linebacker grant but he was so talented such a Swiss army knife. That Eddie didn't say that I'm trying to explain what he can do. But he said he couldn't play running back over tight end because he was such a good blocker. In addition to the fact that actually did play split in an linebacker so Willie Brown Grandma Star Guy who died this month just recently recently. Bump Elliott Elliott was one of two brothers that played at Michigan and then enjoyed long careers as coaches in the mid West I Bump Elliott was the big ten. MVP in an all-american for the Great Michigan Team in nineteen forty seven is senior year. That was Fritz. It's Chrysler's last team at Michigan and Elliott immediately went into coaching after his senior year. And for the next forty forty four years. He spent all three of them either at Michigan or at Iowa. He was the head coach at Michigan for ten seasons from one thousand nine hundred fifty nine through nineteen sixty eight bow ship backlash predecessor. One fifty one games lost forty two tattoo in those ten seasons won the nineteen sixty four big ten title but is best known for his twenty two years twenty one years. Excuse excuse me as the Athletic Director Iowa where he hired Dan Gable because wrestling. Maybe the history of coach is this Dan Gable. Yeah yeah coach. Tom Davis to coach basketball. And and most important to probably our listeners He hired Hayden Fry. I would've coached football so he had an eye for talent. Yeah I think you hired. Vivian Stringer Right. I mean it's very good point. Yes I got three best. Yeah the list is is amazing. And the YELM and I and he he actually played at purdue right and then went served in the war and in World War Two and then came back and joined his brother at Michigan. And I mean what a what an amazing life that that is. A lifetime. Lifetime lifetime spinning collegiate. Athletics IT'S A story. The last game I covered it Iowa which was three or four years ago he he was at the game in the press box and and I went up and introduce myself and everything I said about. Bump Elliott was that he was a a gentleman extremely nice man and and he wise when I introduced myself in meeting but he I had a couple of questions about when he had been Head coach Michigan. And he just didn't remember and but was really nice and revered revered on that campus and I know that there's a real sense of loss at both Michigan Iowa with with the passing of bump Elliott another athletic director of some fame Sam Jackovitch Sam. Jacob itch was the athlete director director after having been an assistant. Coach was athletic director at Washington. State from nineteen seventy six one thousand nine hundred eighty three and then last to go Miami and was athletic director for the canes from Nineteen Eighty three to nineteen ninety in his tenures at those two schools. He he hired Jim Walden. who was a terrific coach at Washington state for years with Moore born at Miami? He hired both Jimmy. Johnson and and Dennis Eric's to coaches who in the stand on five seasons won three national championships for the canes. Not Not not bad and I talked on the phone as you know. I wrote a worst selling book about the College World Series years ago and I talked on the phone multiple times when I was working on the book about building. This dynasty of baseball at the University of Miami and him talking to me about facilities syllogies and of course he was in the end it worked in the NFL as well with the Patriots for him. Talking to me about facilities about the the baseball field smelled like spoiled milk and the orange bowl smell like spoil beer and he said you just got a power washer and made it work and it was I I love talking about make that transition in the eighties. For when everything's still kind of felt like it did in the fifties sixties and seventies to would it became in the nineties in the two thousands thousands and he was one that was so instrumental. Well Miami was such a power in the eighties or became such a power in the late eighties early nineties and it really was for lack of a better term mom and pop operation and But JANK Vich was in extremely smart guy and very shrewd about people and he knew Erickson from Washington state he had been there from his connections in the in the North West his first coach at Washington state was Jackie Sherrill. Jackie was only the year and You know not everybody was a was a home run hire Warren powers Washington state also estate a year but then between Walden Johnson and Ericsson Sanjay convinced did pretty well left in nineteen ninety as you said. He left Miami to coat to you. Be The general manager of the Patriots. In the pre Bob Kraft era did not last very long but Sanjay Vich one of the many pillars of college football who died and twenty nineteen. We will be back some more with some more memorials. 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