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Marquee sports network making her first appearance on Saturday show here as they of course baseball is in the waiting period to tailor your first off welcome thank you for joining us congrats on being a part of marquis and what was it like for you down in Arizona as you're learning that you're going back home and the players are packing up what was that scene like in and how we're guys sort of adjusting to their new reality thanks for joining us yeah absolutely well thanks first of all for having done so I actually would not working the day that the news came out I had the weekend off at least not occur who's going to be doing stuff with us also he was going to be a reporter on that day's game and so I was not there however I was there two days prior to that when they first announced that no media member we're going to be allowed inside the clubhouse so that was a little strange and I think at the time and I I'm sure not just baseball players but most Americans can relate to that it kind I have I mean it just escalated so quickly so we baseball took that step which followed the lead of other you know HM with the first but anyways you know they had already done that in so some of the players I talked to were just like yeah you know this is we needed we are tying the knot with the feel at that point in and of course to take it later it escalated to an entirely new level and so I know what I thought it was just surreal AT and from the conversations I've had with people or repair that day I think it's just everybody didn't know what to do you know how we all think this attack us I got a question that a lot of that you guys will be looking into how to depart you are not human nature thank you for that first kind of thought for everybody when it first happened but three TV times it is crazy times we're talking about brown occur from the bears tight end for the bears about thirty minutes or so gold we are talking because hell holes close I mean the entire everything at every corner of life is is being affected by this and you know he was talking about how he's he's trying to find ways to work out at home not everybody has a personal gym at their house even if you are pro a pro athlete says he's moving a couch around moving furniture have you had a chance to talk to any of the players I'm not asking you to name anybody but if you talk to them and seeing how they're trying to stay ready first season that we really don't know when we'll start you know I'm not going to any of the cubs players but I have talked to other players with different teams and I think everybody active date situational right like you mentioned don't have access to a home again and so I know the guy who I've talked to you back to the place they treated the opposite and a kind of a small group of what they did there and trying to stay ready from that perspective now I did talk to to people within the car I I'm losing track of the day but a few days ago and I think I'm about twenty of the guys who were still training down into but I know that they expect that number to decrease in the coming days I don't know how many guys are still down there and I think everybody can kind of pick up hoping to make a note of that but I would say as a general rule I've probably tried to do what they do in the offseason because big leaguers I believe have access to a bar right at least you know where they can make it small groups and don't have to go to the public can cause other close calls you might take it the way that they're kind of our near term growth with us here on seven twenty WGN with Jason Benetti on last week as well and you know it's he is saying that white Sox TV like it it feels just so awkward to even talk about sports and it'll tailor your your new to Chicago but not new to baseball at all you'll cover covering Colorado Rockies for so many years and it and and and all around the sports landscape it it feels like I mean for what's it like for you knowing that the we were in the toy department it's not it's only that but can even be brought up as a concern but it's also something that people rely upon to get themselves entertainment which we love and get away from your everyday right and and but just sort of balancing like well I can't even talk about sports right now because there's so much there is stuff going on yeah you know I think it the perspective I would like to keep twenty four seven you know sports are at an amazing luxury for so many people but you know that there is value in that mystery right now I need a job so many drop out the people who work hourly and rely on money when they work cancel there are good thing like I always try to remind myself of the day is okay the end of the day like they're still figure things out there but I do think in times like this where the height awareness to that perspective yeah I mean I like a lot I think when when all those NFL contracts were being and now you're just kind of like really it like this the bigger things does not but I think it's a quarter to half the perspective that you know sometimes that's a good courts are ours eight injured because there's so much craziness going on in the world doesn't mean you don't still needed escape I think it's it's always about like he returned there and right now in the meantime when everything is fairly normal you know like it's important to keep keep a perspective on what work needs to us to do the culture so let's well Senate Carmen I were talking about this since the show started about he was never the first thing I do when I get home and I was grabbed it like a flop on the couch you grab the remote to turn it on I look for a sports game right yeah that's basically almost all of us and our nights watching some sort of competition whatever sport it may be having with being stuck at home is one thing but it's almost impossible to be bored in twenty twenty between all of the content that is put out on streaming devices we have our phones read a book I don't know do something there are a lot of options but what's it been like for you I mean you you get sick things gig with marquee this great job you're covering the cubs next you know like all of us in the sports broadcast world kind of like well how how do we address all of this you know I I I don't know it's just because it's been so strange for me over the past couple weeks I am a hundred percent agree with you and you know it took a little green it kind of a personal perspective it really makes you reflect on your core values I think for me you know sports are huge huge part of my life I love that my blood covering them I love watching them like you got your competition I mean I played them like I I love what I do in but at the end of the day that's not the end that's not the most important thing in my life quite devotion pointing to hear my faith and my family and at the end of the day and I still have those and so I think it's kind of it makes you realize like what is so important in in the title and it could be the best thing in your life which well it would rate like my my job is one of the things that I don't so grateful to have the but not get gets take take it away for me to like I'm still going to be OK because they still have thank you but if you still have perspective but I tried to take it we need you to find things that take your time but during the Feb two could not determine that quickly though Mike okay now what he does on the couch when we got to think if there's a silver lining in all of this at least for me you know you're kind of realigning perspective focus on who I want to be in kind of the hardcourt career at the end of the day if if the trivial things in my life like my job get taken away from me like I still going to be okay okay it's it's it's it's a great perspective and family I also I'm looking at your Twitter Taylor you didn't you didn't mention your coffee ice cream yet which is which is the I'd like to work with that a little bit Chicago each year copyright I think can make it difficult you want to give Taylor hard time on that choice for ice cream seven because I mean you're not that that's an odd you bet my sister loves coffee ice cream I don't know is I guess is what it is some people love it I I don't know what it is I was telling Carmen I can't stop eating over the past week or two and I don't know why but like I like whatever just keep giving me food maybe an idol for me at thanks Hey out Balkan up here that's fine to move before before you go and I know this will just be a gas but it go head to make one here do you think that they'll play baseball this year without fans in the stands oh gosh you know yeah I've I've thought about this and people ask me this and it's hard to say one thing or another because if you would've asked him because I would have said no it'll have to be inspected I hope that if you'd asked me two weeks ago if I thought this season will be starting tell at least you know we may tenth now that the eight weeks to complete this PC I gotta get my black possibility record for sure hello I think it right now we could write it I think the real strong possibility that the play games without the the use of I I've it's really it's got to be on the table because you've got yeah you've got huge TV dollars you got networks like yours that are just starting up you did that I don't think what teams are gonna want to punt on the entire season and and all the money yeah obviously you're gonna miss the gate receipts but if you can actually get to the point where you test the players and you can keep them healthy maybe you can go for but as far as having people in the stands whether I don't know how they do it I I will we're gonna have to get a lot further along than we are right now I mean I mean there are restrictions throughout the country now recommendations that no gatherings of ten or more people ten or more so now in a matter of months we're gonna ask the pack forty thousand bottles it people into one space even as he said look we'll sell seat one and we'll still see five associate like how do you even do that I I don't know I don't it's just like everything Taylor I think sorry one thing to add to that I just think the crazy thing is we still don't know everything about the way that on a virus spread right so we've got that okay I don't think we're like I think there's a lot out there that we might not even know about this fire company took over the course of the next few weeks it's gonna be huge to determine what they ultimately decide obviously I mean that kind of the what we've seen over the course of the last few weeks of the two transpired till next time we talked you were talking about games on the field all right original document but you're having fun thanks.

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