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Big man scoring eighty eight minutes after people have been criticizing him for the past six seven months. And also look in lean as fuck looking yet looking he used to be a thick boy, I think he's lean boy now so Martin is it is a soak short time. Can I change it yet? Is it is it still like that? Is that is that too? Is that too brash phrasing on for okay? For your time. Even soldier would say for Utah. I would hope so. Well, I know I know so because that man is in love with, sir. Alex on soldiers final day at wearing Manchester United shirt, he was given that, you know, retirement ceremony and everything and he basically profusely thanked, sir. Alex, Ferguson, and at the end of it. He said I am now going into coaching. And if I haven't learned anything from you that I can't learn anything from anybody. Thank you, so much yada, yada, yada. And I can't believe I've that line memorize, but fuck me it folk good deed or again God. I love that old school United's back. Yeah. This team even with all the injuries. I'm really worried even as an arsenal. Fan facing you at home this coming weekend. I'm I'm pretty worried. I'm sure the odds will be an in Arsenal's favor at home. But the way you guys are playing with such confidence. And the way you guys have Jen on such a terrorist and socialist taken over it's just so nice. You guys playing so free flowing in like doing like the things you want to do instead of being like robotically forced by Marino. You know what I'm saying? I feel like soak SARS really opened up the personalities and the play at this at this squad. So big win for Manchester United is there anything else you'd like to add to the match Martin, not really only two more points. You guys are slated. You guys are giving given the forty one percent chance to win against mentioned not at this weekend. That aside one of my let me just let me just fall in love with mentioned, not a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit more one thing that has also been brought back to the Manchester United. Squad way of life. However, you want to look at it is playing the young guns since soldier has taken over. He's given eight debut to James garner who is a seventeen year old fucking fee nom with our youth Kim team is also given debut to Temitope Chong who is also super young fucking amazing. So I think there is one more one more coming in. I cannot remember his name for the life of me. But all three of those kids who are part of the youth team have stopped traveling with the youth team. Because now they're part of the first team. And if it meant has not it is not built on their youth academy. I don't know what mental is not it is so my heart's bubbly. I'm in love again. Kev, a might propose. I I'm nervous of tiny bit about next year. But this was a perfect weekend for me United fan. Yeah. I think you can't go out even though like someone say like giving up two goals, you always felt comfortable, and I feel like if you're if you're a United fan, I would be very happy with the stadium club for one especially after the past couple of weeks, but also after this match and staying in fourth and being in the top four. Let's briefly I have nothing really. I didn't get the watch the Chelsea Fulham game. I only read about is. Awesome highlights. I just want to say I I didn't watch us game. I don't care that Jorgihno scored. He's still sucks. So can we disagree? We'll just agree to genius still not good. That's it. That's all. I got. All right. Do you want to go onto the next match? Yeah. When he wanna hit Manchester City or the big bed. Everton Liverpool before we get into that. Let's break for an ad right now guys, let's talk about sex good sex..

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