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Partly cloudy overnight alot of 68 degrees sunny and hot tomorrow, with a high of 88 rains likely again on Friday, storms possible in the Afternoon high again in the upper eighties radar right now, showing a partly cloudy sky 83 degrees. News is a service of serve All electric company and Woody Sander Ford, the Butler County coroner, releasing the names of the people killed in yesterday morning's fire in Westchester 80. Year old Thomas cozy, 77 year old Carol cozy and 56 year old Jennifer cozy, all died of smoke inhalation. More charges have been filed after gunfire outside of a Springdale bar. Second person is now facing charges in connection with last month's shooting outside of the David Busters in Springdale, a large fight broke out inside the restaurant and arcade and then spilled out into the parking lot, and that's where a man was shot in the back Now way Hamilton County grand jury has indicted Sierra Godfrey and Felonious assault and weapons related charges, the same ones that John Perez was charged with earlier this month. Perez is accused of shooting the victim. Court records indicate that Godfrey also fired shots that night but didn't hit anybody. Um Rick you Chino, Newsradio, 700 wlw and Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell says the Fed is prepared to adjust policy if inflation goes beyond levels in line with their goals. He testified before the House today, saying that inflation will likely stay high in the coming months. Paul said there is currently strong economic growth that's being driven by covid vaccines, He says GDP remains on track to have the fast This increase in decades on Wall Street right now, the Dow was up 72 points. The NASDAQ is up 14 the S and P is up. 12 700 WLW Sports..

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