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Don't wanna see anymore lives lost except for those who think they can do other people harm for worshiping. Let's take the map air traffic. Tony no closures on northbound sixty five from the south side up into downtown this week, and I'm talking about from Southport road up to the north. We're still going to we're going to be running this weekend. We're doing the mini marathon, we're gonna have street closures starting downtown seasoning. And then everything else in speedway on the west side any proper. I'm talking about the major street closures that are going to be running on ten straight and New York in Michigan. Those are to all star at seven AM tomorrow morning downtown street closures to be starting to see me what I'm telling you just be prepared at all times this weekend. Because this is a great. It's great event. There's going to be traffic concerns the mess with in that time traffic sponsored by the outlaw music festival. Rufo mortgage music center. The music festival featuring Willie Nelson, Robert plant, Alison press brothers Osborne. Friday September twentieth. Off home mortgage music center. Tickets on sale, Freddie today at livenation dot com. I'm met bear with traffic. On the five while it was on Twitter at WIBC traffic. His name is synonymous with speed in fifteen years. There's no slowing Morio Andretti down. About five decades after the biggest win of his career. Join us this weekend has WIBC presets heroes of the five hundred the Mario Andretti story. Tomorrow three three WIBC. Do you currently get regular structured settlement or annuity payments from an insurance company for a personal injury auto accident claim wrongful death or inheritance if so you don't have to wait for months or even years to get the cash, you need now to cover urgent expenses, like debts tuition, medical bills or exciting events.

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