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It's all things considered from NPR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelly and I'm Sasha Pfeifer, the Korean boy band. BTS played NPR's tiny desk Siri's and shattered a record for YouTube views. You sort of get set upon by just like thousands and thousands of BTS fans were like Thank you so much for including them. This is a big deal for them. It's like it's a big deal for them. There's a biggest band in the world now news. Live from NPR NEWS. I'm Janine Hearst President. Trump says he will name his nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the end of this week, and as NPR's Domenico Montanaro reports Trump will keep one part of his face in mind. I think it would be just a reassurance for evangelical voters that he's continuing to fight for them. I mean, I don't think it really changed much direction or move the needle very much for him with that group in particular. But he does have to weigh whether this person can be sufficiently against abortion rights. He's going to have to do a little bit of vetting on the records of some of these Candidates. Ginsburg's death and the pending nomination fighter raising the stakes and an already contentious presidential race, with Trump vowing to fill the seat before the presidential election, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden calling for that decision. To be left to the next president. Stock prices regained some of the ground they lost this afternoon but still finished lower. NPR's gyms are Oli reports. Bank stocks were especially hard hit. At one point in the morning, the Dow was down more than 900 points, but it recovered and finished. 509 points down. The S and P. 500 has fallen nearly 10% from its all time high earlier this month, airline stocks were among those losing altitude because of concerns the global economy is slowing. Delta was down more than 9%. Financial shares were also lower after a report from my coalition of journalist suggesting that money laundering remains a big problem in global banks. Meanwhile, the looming fight over who will replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg threatens to scuttle negotiations in Congress over another stimulus bill. Jims AA, roly NPR news and buy the clothes. The Dow was down 509 points the NASDAQ Down 14 the S and P. 500 down 38. You're listening to NPR news. Live from KGB news. I'm Raquel Maria Delon. San Francisco will receive $45 million to convert the hotel into permanent housing for more than 200 people who are homeless or at risk of losing their homes as Aaron Baldessari reports, the grant is part of project Home Key, a statewide effort to house homeless people during the pandemic. Governor Gavin Newsom plans to distribute a total of $600 million to cities and counties before the end of the year. The money will be used to purchase and create permanent housing. Newsome announced the second round of funding today, including the $45 million for San Francisco. The city plans to purchase a residential hotel on Centre Street, which will allow some tenants to stay in place and open more rooms for people who are now homeless to move into. San Jose announced it was getting $14 million last week as part of the first round of project home Key funding, the city plans to use it to buy a hotel, which will become a permanent home for 76 people. I'm Erin Baldessari kick you in the news. State fire officials say wild fires have burned more than 3.6 million acres in California this year. That's larger than the state of Connecticut. They say They're currently 27 major wildfires in California since August 15th when fire activity intensified. There have been 26 fatalities and 6400 structures have been destroyed. The weather has contributed to those fires. Warm and dry conditions persist in a large part of the state in Oakland. I'm.

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