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Be corrupted through foreign interference listen by the present which which is clearly trying to do there it goes to the heart of our democracy it was the heart of with the constitution and by a high crimes and misdemeanors but the present to engage in self dealing for his own benefit to put himself above the country and to threaten the integrity of our elections upon which everything else depends it is a it is a total threat so that was the the topic right now at five oh five but that was the topic on every single morning talk show yesterday impeachment okay so it's going to be a future order club at five oh five six oh five organise from Lindsey Graham senator Coons at seven oh five and then it enough I'm gonna hear from James call me not related to impeachment only had a hold did with the whole different discussion about the Horowitz report right and he admitted that he made a mistake by the way and we are expecting a vote this week if if it goes the way everyone thinks it's going to go then president trump could become the only the third American president in history he said a house so they're looking at Wednesday is the day for the vote of the full house and then it's going to head over to the Senate and and Graham and others are already out saying look I know I'm gonna vote center rand Paul said over the weekend I know how I'm gonna vote this is it's almost cemented it's almost a done deal already before the baby even taking a vote on the house of yeah they they know who's gonna go which right yeah all right let's get you caught up now on all of this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one K. F. became.

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