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You really would have had to been a hardcore fan of a fan in order to really give a damn about this matchup. And that's the god's honest truth basler gosden honest truth but a good match nonetheless about ten minutes. Give or take post-match both men's both men they you know bow down to each other on their knees and they were to each other and everything really nice class a little move. That went down there backstage. Area meantime ortiz. Hager sammy or or you know what i need to flip that backstage ortiz. Sammy hager. hey you go now. He got it they they Wanted to try to get their hands on him. J. f. in crew as or t says. Mj f- showed what type of man he was for what he did last week. With the despicable in pushing jericho off the top of that steel cage and everything and Pretty much they're looking to dish out some payback. So more on that later on in the night. Meanwhile cody rhodes. He comes out next and he's cutting this patriotism of a promo. I mean all like to think about as i'm listening to cody rhodes talk and everything. I'm just picturing the american flag just dangling in the background behind him and and you know one of my all time. Favorite metal rock songs. America talking but on okay so i don't wanna i don't wanna go to to profanity laced except the cell but that's actual saga. I'm not sure you guys the actual song. It's called america. okay. Go look that up. But i'm picturing that plan in the background with the american flag. I'm picturing the big bald eagle in everything. I'm picturing families at barbecues and gaggy dogs are coming up son and i'm just picturing all of that. You know nice shit gone on. And i you know i'm kinda getting lost in translation here and understanding the point that Cody rose is trying to make because you know it first couple of minutes was pretty good but then it just kind of seem like we were just kinda looking..

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