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You're listening just sports talk in new york in every sunday night at eight. Pm on long island wg bv broadcasting on ninety five point nine fm and twelve forty or listen live online at gp radio dot com stay connected sports dot new york on w. gb by following us on facebook twitter and instagram gb sports. You're listening to sportstalk new york on long island's w. g. greedy now back to the show right folks. We are back with sports. Talk to york on gdp from beautiful downtown merrick. Long island Just want to mention a great game from the isles on saturday afternoon. A tremendous performance from ilya sarokin. The fans really had the barn rocking I really hope the islanders can ride the wave of momentum. Back to pittsburgh and take a lead in the series. But let's keep the sports memories rolling along here welcoming our next guest. He's making a return to the show. He's an author of our bombs. The brooklyn dodgers in history memory in popular culture. He was with us last year to talk about his book. The new york mets in popular culture critical essays. Slightest book is titled nineteen sixty two baseball and america in the time of jfk. Let's welcome in david crowley defense. Good evening good evening to you sir. What gave you the idea for this book david. Well originally. the book was called the amazing season and it was only going to cover the mets and the cult forty fives and of course. The word amazing comes from casey stangl famous clip amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing when i got to this writer's workshop i i had enrolled in it before and my brooklyn dodgers book. Our bums was birthed in the workshop. So when i took the workshop again the literary agent who taught the class said books with broader topics get broader readerships and. I came home that night. And i found an awful lot of things that happened besides the inaugural years with my beloved mets and forty fives. You had to cuban missile crisis. Let is no header. Marilyn monroe dying. Jackie kennedy giving televised tour of the white house. You had the first year for dodger stadium more will stealing one hundred four bases don drysdale winning the cy young nationally playoff between the giants and dodgers and the giants yankees world series goes seven games. So what's this extraordinary year. And i said baseball has to be the through line. But i wanna cover other things. That happened in america's while. I have to tell the folks david the cover of this amazing book. It's really it's really a nice looking book The cover features. Jfk a lbj hall of famer ford frick the commissioner. And you will see that when you pick this book up and i wanna talk to you a little bit about a little more david about the formation of the colt forty five's and the mass talk a little bit about that for us. Well the cul forty five is a story. That's untapped as you know and when we had the shaver convention down in houston for Two thousand fourteen. I went to the university of houston one day. I skipped the presentations. Because you h has an archive of george curtis paper. Who was kirksey perks. He was a public relations guy. He was public relations expert and he helped that team get off the ground. They needed money. They had a lot of oil money. Obviously in houston. They had a lot of money in houston but they needed someone to help market. But in curtseys papers there are memorandum ladders. Demographics studies media projections. And so on. So when i saw this layout. I said this has to be one chapter. And that's what gave me the idea to do. A chapter for each of the five teams and then explore american exceptionalism in other areas as well but with regards to the cult. Forty-five i had the pleasure of interviewing thin man. Who's the grandson of judge. Roy hof hines hines was really the engine that ran the cult. Forty five slater the astros. He was the guy who the press wanted to talk to. He was the guy who was the most famous involving the front office. And that's really another until story. hit his iconography. If you will in the city of houston one other thing. I'd like to talk about. David is during this time period. Dodger stadium or the iconic ballparks in major league baseball debuts now i had read somewhere that the the mets when it came time to build shea stadium had a choice of to architect s- the one they chose or the gentleman who built dodger stadium and dodger. Stadium just happened to outlast shea stadium by several. Several years is that true I'd have to do more research to confirm that. What i what i do know is that o'malley walter o'malley the dodgers owner sought chavez ravine and said stadium would go perfectly there and it was modern for its time. I think it looks modern now. My understanding is that when he built it people said no. You can't be done this. This isn't right and so on everyone was was picking it apart yet. How are people going to get there and so forth. But it's turned out to be a gem and i- undergone some renovations recently but it's the third oldest ballpark in the us. And i think it's extraordinary that it hasn't had to be torn down and hasn't had to be rebuilt. But i i hope it lasts for another sixty because it's just an extraordinary thing to watch it. Sure is we're speaking with david. Krell tonight about his book on one thousand nine hundred sixty two and the story of america and baseball. During that time you mentioned one fascinating character in in the History of major league baseball. And that's boba linski. He's he's got a great story. Tell us a little bit. More about both david bowie. A jersey boy like myself. I grew up in springfield. He grew up in trenton. Which is about an hour. Away and trenton in the fifties was not easy place to grow up in but instead of playing in the american legion or the pony leaks. He was hanging out in pool halls. He became a pool shark of sorts. This is not an ideal growing up situation for a teenager in the fifties but he did well enough to get to. The miners finally gets to the angels And in sixty two. He's a rookie and he pitches a no hitter. Now he becomes this idol of sorts. Handsome guy he's dating. Actresses actresses that men fantasize about. He's dating he's living. The male fantasy goes into a. He goes into a restaurant. Everybody wants to shake his hand. The girls want to be with him. The men wants to be him but he develops an alcohol problem and this is reflected throughout his life. Now i had the opportunity to talk to people who knew vote in the last ten years of his life when he got to las vegas which you would think is not a great place to find recovery. But he found stability with this auto dealership called finley auto and they own dealerships down the mountain states region and the people with whom i spoke bill. They didn't recognize the bow. That people talked about. They didn't know the carousing the boozing bo the womanizing. They didn't know that they found a more courtly guy. A genial guy and.

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