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Both ways the Ted Williams tunnel. Westbound jammed up inside so are those connector tunnels to Mike king WBZ's traffic on the threes. All right, Mike, thank you. And again seeing that very heavy pocket of rain could be a rumble of thunder in that area as well. That is in the forecast Lexus. Tin Stoneham or stone. You're getting a little bit right now too. And also Hampshire you're seeing just north of Manchester. Heavy pocket of rain could be some thunder and lightning. So that's the story for tonight, weather wise. According to Carl Ericson getting quite cool in the forties in most suburbs in Massachusetts tomorrow, mostly sunny, not as warm Thursday, cooler clouding up and more rain yet again on Friday trying to count the Fridays. We've had rain too many to count the race for the White House. All right, six oh six and the head of the FBI has that foreign threats to US elections are a concern. Everyday still. Here's ABC's. Serena Marshall election may be more than five hundred and forty days away. But FBI director Christopher Ray told senators today, the foreign cyberthreat continues malign foreign influence threat, which is different from some effort to interfere with election infrastructure is something that continues pretty much three hundred sixty five days. A year. And we've seen it continues since two thousand sixteen and we expect it to continue going into twenty twenty when it comes to the cyber threat in general rate added. It's one threat that keeps escalating Serena Marshall ABC news Capitol Hill in a press conference earlier this afternoon in Boston an unholy list of names attorney Mitchell Garabedian, you may remember his name he represented dozens of now adults who were abused by priests during the height of the clergy crisis in the Boston archdiocese will he released today. Seven more names of priests seven priests from the Boston archdiocese were found credibly accused of pedophilia, but we're never publicly outed by the archdiocese with spanning decades of sexual abuse. And there's no end in sight,.

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