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Radio 610 wtvn columbus or d c h d two from abc news i'm daria olding are it was inadequate oba bill cosby supporters say it sends a message jurors the us power to speak mrs cosby powers bae spokesman andrew wyatt after his bosses sex assault trial ended this morning i brad mielke the montgomery county courthouse endorsed town pennsylvania with a judge has declared a mistrial and the bill cosby sexual assault case the jury saying it was hopelessly deadlocked after fifty two hours of deliberation prosecutors claim cosby drugged and sexually assaulted andrea khan said more than a decade ago that offense argued she fabricated her claims after a consensual affair or than fifty women have accused cosby of using sedatives to force them into sex acts the constand was one of the few in which the statute of limitations hasn't run out cosby dow walk of course the dea says it will retry the case abc news legal analyst royal oakes as the prosecution may have a stronger case next time general the government's cases get stronger when cases are tried a second time of the other hand given cosby's ages medical condition no prior's you never know plea bargain talk might break out at this point perhaps there could be a deal for little or no jail time cosby is now free on bail one of the navy's most sophisticated destroyers is in a japanese harbor after colliding with a much larger containership abc news contributor colonel steve gan you'd says the uss fitzgerald plays an important role in the us fleeting navies going to have to take another ship with the equal capabilities that homeported somewhere else around the world and move it in its crew indisposition in japan to fill in the gap for the fitzgerald which will be out of service for years to come seven us sailors on board that ship are missing seven us soldiers have been evacuated from camp shaking and afghan stan they were injured in an insider attack you're listening to abc news.

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