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And we're back with Christian wild Kathy Smith as we talk about single parents and Kathy before we go to calls and Christian as well Kathy or the courts more lenient to men or women it's interesting usually two women that's what I thought yes and it's still prevails isn't over will mean pretty much there's still a huge prejudice against men in my opinion all right we're gonna go to some of the calls now let's go to Phoenix Phoenix is a television anchor person by the way and reporter in Texas and the single mother high Phoenix welcome to the show great so what what is it been like for you working full time and being a single mother yeah it is difficult yards right I really thought about the question yeah and the thing is it's finding but not right news round to work for in the industry for over ten years and I got it they at least when you stop and that now there's a lot of other parents out there about finding a place where people have your back meeting if I get called on breaking news which does happen I have no cheating you're always yes I have the only other people that are ready to step in and pick up my daughter and have my back and let me go do my job so it's finding the right working environment helps how how old is your daughter he is seven almost eight years old seven almost eight years old you're working if you're working full time right normal seventy your shots talked to a lot of women who are sharing information with other mothers who are in the same situation and making time for that person to spend a little quality time on their own because they're so exhausted from all that they're dealing with so maybe one parent will say let me take your kids for a night have a good time until next week maybe you could take my kids or a father who can take somebody else's child to a baseball game or who's missing their father and then they wouldn't the following week to do something else that Aaron's helping parents not support group in Phoenix you have a question for either Kathy Smith or Christian wild here not not really and by Hey I guess what kind of going off on what he said is not exactly right it's finding that correct the court system being here west there's no there near the incredibly more loving originally come from LA and people are more ego centric really in themselves here it is finding that person that's willing to take her and having a trade off though but I don't I don't know his name the last one is stopping you got the right it's finding that factory all right great thanks to Phoenix George I know this will touch your heart but mother or a father who has a child with a learning disorder or a special needs and the mother can't be with them when they're acting out or when the school calls and says come in take care of your child you saw the control and not being able to be there for your child because you're working that's got to be installed this pressure is tough I mean I mean I know why my my kids in Saint Louis with their kids will send me a text saying you know pop are you gonna be in Saint Louis for this date because little Charlie has a you know a concert or this or that in the it's so important to participate write him and what we're doing Kathy in terms of what you see does the single parent generally get some support at all from the other half usually very little the again it depends on the on your own childhood and what you expect you deserve and one of the things when you were just speaking like I totally agree with Phoenix and and both of you are that you need a strong support system and that's very very easy for people who have been nurtured properly in childhood but if you have reactive attachment disorder because your parents abandon you or yeah even today if the mother is feeding the baby while she's looking at her cell phone and she's not even holding the baby or look in the baby's eyes the baby develops abandonment issues and low self worth and I I was going to mention how destructive the technology really is because they're putting the baby in front of the TV the baby's following them love but the robot cartoon figure and getting their information and their love from that TV set or the phone and mommy gets mad if she's in the middle attacks in somebody and the baby need something you see so this is called good point reactive attachment disorder are there many many levels of it but the baby gets a real strong message are not important and those those single parents do not have the confidence to to another parent what happens to the child when they get older and they've gone through this difficult period of abandonment by the end and again we can talk later about the child that came up from a loving single parent sure but if they are raised and they just don't have that kind of love what happens to them as an adult they're nervous are they are under developed they do not actualize their talents a lot of drug addiction they get real hooked into these so called help groups there many by the way Christian mention this to me and I agree with him many helpful our support groups for single parents but there are also what you would just call real toxic I have a client who told her little girl she got mad she's I'm gonna kill you and once you ran on social media and posted at smart and took it off within ten minutes and then she got a call from C. P. S. Christian yeah well I can't be what about what about maintaining good strong family structure because some parents want to over compensate since because they feel guilty which is a big factor and how important is it for them to not ban to everything in order to help that child everything have more self confidence yes because you're talking about consistency but you're talking about a man or a woman who was raised by a mother like yours and what I deal with are kids who have pre tax are apparent single parents who who had had mothers who were crack.

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