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The queen size and then from there these down Grand Central still so slow right on out towards northern Boulevard traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen I'm Greg rice on ten ten where now the accu weather forty forecast here's meteorologist Dave Samuel we're looking at cloudy skies rain moving back into the city are raining a pretty steadily out there and I will see this wavering continue for an hour it'll move away but we'll see periods of rain throughout the night lot of clouds too and it's cool not to mention the breeze that will make it feel raw out there sixty fifty eight degrees for the low feeling a quite cool out there once again with the rain falling like us could reach thirty miles per hour throughout the night tomorrow staying breezy but we get rid of the clouds in the rain so such on returns will be warmer with a high of seventy eight after the sixty two tomorrow night and Sunday looking good to to round out the weekend with a high of seventy six seventy three Monday as we continue dry weather sixty degrees right now with light rain at Central Park it's going down to fifty eight tonight. in mid town on accu weather meteorologist Dave said nobody York's weather station Ted Ted wants his time six fifty three what he Allen says he doesn't regret calling himself the poster boy for the me too movement I've worked with and played women in the top capacities in every capacity for years we've always paid them exactly the equal of man I've done everything that you know that to me to move in would love would love to achieve with everybody he made his new comments to France twenty four and says he couldn't care less about fallout from allegations of sexual abuse which he has strongly denied he says the accusations made by his estranged adopted daughter Dylan Farrow are not affecting.

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