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Four right now it's time for one gotta go with joel anderson and you can find at by joel anderson of course kudo two at a click for all of the lists first of all joel how should we how's it going what's going good man i'm in la right now i was here for a wedding the hottest weekend on record in la right now so it's perfect timing but a yemeni i'm down i'm down here in south cal i said how would it mean i didn't even i didn't even get to here sometimes that's true joel is wearing a cutoff shirt in hotel room this sounds like you guys get a visual of what the dealing with but the game the game is one gotta go is very simple four things you got to get rid of one of them hit the button after you playboy all right so you guys were talking about the nba free agency movement and brought up carmelo anthony so speaking of washed up player of the downsides of the career all i gotta go okay and it's gonna be houston and then you're going to be like oh he's what we could get sick with this they ain't starting chris paul you know but so the most depressing nba closing axe okay so we got call him alone with the lakers catcher you with the sonics michael jordan with the wizards came allies more with the toronto raptors right all right we've got these floor so other living aden akeem right off top because he hurt nobody when you went to toronto everybody saw it coming everybody knew he wasn't going to be great you and actually was a bad with the sonic like if you look at it he started seventy nine games every night at seven on the scene at one forty four games not bad so we're down to karl malone and michael jordan okay so i'm gonna get rid of carmello because i don't think people realize how bad call malone was that year and i'm not talking about on the court all i'm saying is that there's a espn dot com story headline kobe upset about malone comments to wife that's not bad that you're with yeah then that that year went call the lone plate with the lakers come along i go i mean for whole bunch of other reasons but that's just the primary one right there i guess we don't have enough time in this show for me to get fully into this let me tell you one reason why can't stand michael jordan he ruined a washington wizards what is the gm but hold on as the gm draft economy brown and came back as a player psychologically ruined him and then made a whole host of other moves to the point he has to get fired because stupid wizards fans just wanted to see this guy for one season okay jordan ruined this franchise for years i'm still mad about it okay so he could go in my book he's gone those famous picture of michael jordan in dc driving away from what was then the mci center because abe poland finally decided to get rid of his but it was one of the best moments in history of the franchise but here making comments and nobody's wife mental and joel.

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