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Would marketing can be scary and it's like oh it scam ian sucky and it's kind of used car salesman and ono so i think the first thing is we framing marketing completely welcome to the read to lead podcast with jeff brown jeff believes that if you desire to achieve true success in business added life than consistent at intentional reading is a must the read silly podcasts will not only help you narrow this ever important reading less but also bring you key insights and valuable feedback from some of today's most successful inspiring authors and now here's jeff fire walk of the podcasts at accused of your personal and professional growth we talk of course about leadership and also get into topics like personal growth productivity career business marketing sales and entrepreneurship its marketing getting fokker's touring specifically market your book in a moment are gonna be joined by author joanna pen she's written a book called how to market a book however both i'll ask joe added to share about getting into the proper mindset to effectively market your book the rest time to begin the process of marketing your book joanna's insights on sampling and pricing and plenty more more and more today a lot of business leaders professionals an odd noor's or writing books in order to expand their business or to demonstrate their expertise but after writing the book you still have to market marketed however you decide the published whether you publish it yourself or go the traditional route and that's what is going to help us figure out today before we check in with joanna i'd like to remind you about our sponsor claude accounting software fresh books and what they can do for you and your business whether you're a freelancer or are a traditional business owner fresh books he's a great accounting solution in the past we've heard from listeners of the podcast who ron local pharmacies or marketing agencies or do freelance work all using fresh books and wooden ever consider anything else i'm certainly one of those people it's been redesigned by the.

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