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Myself that hurricane was going to give us more season. I really didn't convince myself. I was completely convinced. He's coming back but this whole hold out. Oh boy that's not good and not only is it not came is not good for talking like this is probably poisoning the well for a team that like you know is just trying to get like the vibe goal. And he's just trying to get the guys together and everything and now we got this situation. It just could not be a worse Just it were situation. I'm just i'm now. It's such a huge on. I'm not happy. I'm very sad. I kind of feel bad for you guys because it was not the it's not a great ending. It's not a great ending to that story to the relationship that you guys have had with him. It's kind of anticlimactic. And it's just like i. I wanted a little more drama I'm gonna backtrack real quick. If chelsea get lukaku chelsea when the league this year if chelsea get holland next season they win the league next season. I promise you this issue on that note. I have to go But ali elite with that gentleman. Have a great. I will take forest prochet mitch. The safe travels no. I said before last season and i sort of got wrong by two-goal i'm still convinced by chelsea defense. You know geogra- you'll gets older. He's getting a year older. I'd just. I don't know i'm just not sold on chelsea defense being championship quality. It is better than it is better than arsenal's but that's not saying If there's a there's a fly in the ointment. Larry it's your defense just going to say that there's not there's not you're just wrong. I can't necessarily tell you why you're wrong but you are wrong But you've given up on team. Oh at this point. Like he's he's we gave him his all season now. He's fucked off. Look team latino is a. He's a very good player. he's just not. He's not a strike. I haven't remind myself that you guys one champions league last year i don't i don't i have to keep reminding myself offices around it back Let's see other questions. We got here way too early prediction for. Epl one's twenty p nudes. Yuckiness get along. That's gonna that's gonna be a next week. So the pre pre predictions which by the way we have to qualify it next week by saying like transfer window is not going to be closed so keep in mind that some big things could still happen as the game in kaku Let's see what else thoughts a move with Bubba how will watch for do the. Oh we gotta ornstein Or insane here I will laugher do the season sam. A call six s in batman or foster at goalkeeper. One first of all. I don't know how offers i really hope that. They can recreate that magic that they had two to three years ago. But i will say i mean they. They had they had so many players That were sort hungary and underrated than than Routine as well you know. Troy deeney was sort of the leader of the clubhouse tim. He's obviously he's still there obvious. Couple years older. I don't know we'll see. Is dental failures not still. I don't think so. And he was one of the guys. I was thinking of your. He was he was a guy that like just didn't workout at everton. People sort of given up on him and he came in. He was like a baller he was. He was great for them. I know he's a he's met with the In with him yes. But as far as goalkeeper. It's absolutely bucket. Like foster is foster. The focusing on biking and i'ma foster though he's a great guy he's a great guy. I mean the namedrop like we used one of the guys. I went out drinking after the ethic of vital years ago and He was really cool. Guy like a really nice guy. Down earth But he's old and he's just Young he's hungry just played well for austria. He's he's the man for wasser going forward. No question about it Last question i'm primarily ufl championship. Bridget's ho boy. People really a really testing are a knowledge here. I like i guess i would save born. miss number. One is a team that i really liked. Fulham is easy to say full. May i like them right. It's it's like they've just bounced back and forth like norwich kinda kinda deal. Who's the team that i wanted to see. Last was that you probably wanted to see barnsley last year. Yeah that's right but he gives there so no longer them Darby counties swansea was the mixed last season. I love when when teams like leagues. Wolves come up and they kind of kill Finish midtable i. I'd like to see another one of those like traditional english teams like a four or is it just like would love to see them back into print and that would be awesome. That'd be cool. Or get one of the carter for swansea one of the wales team. That might be good. To make it the the british criminally yet really testing our our brains there Listen to the grab bag questions from round. Wyatt how down bad or mexican. Fans right now redound. You'd like so they. They got bounced from the olympics. Well not fully Us flavor bronze-medal. Game that they lost in the sun penalties brazil just this week. They actually lost the us twice in finals. This summer I was actually just a talking to a beach. Soccer player in mexico lost the us in beach. Soccer in the world cup qualifying. So i mean just catch it from all angles right now Really feel hate to see that. It's tough it's really tough I worked at speaking as a neutral van. Which only pretend like i can. I can do this. But like i think that they should stick by martino. It sounds like there's a lot of people were like todd ago. They kind of have a little patience. Gold they just go through managers to name quickly got to give him some time to figure it out. I hope they fire as a us fan. But i think for their sake bishop prostate stick with a little bit As i said these are going to be some random questions so Airy one how can mls make four sports cities into five or cities for castle fits question he gets to the gets to the heart of his mls gonna put itself at the table with the big four right. I mean.

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