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What do consumers really want in this modern world and what is the role of marketing and advertising in this process and a lot of discussion of urban agriculture like vertical farming buildingup consortium to figure out how you can produce crop particularly fruits and vegetables in maybe nonprofessional ways and of course we end up with the farm bill which thank goodness i'm not an expert in any more and it's complicated by the fact that there seems to be a collision between the people who want to preserve snap largely in its current form and people who want to make major changes in the snap program i think there are fewer differences on the farm and commodity titles than there are in this particular one and myself i think nothing's perfect but snap works pretty well to be honest with you we are the only country in the world that has a program a massive multi billion dollar program helping people eat and get a nutritious diet nobody else in the world they have other social type programs and they have ad hoc programs so we should not be using snap is a way to conduct some sort of major welfare reform when i don't think that we need it i do think the end and snap needs to be reinforced it's not just a quantity program it is a quality and nutrition program as well and we really need to focus much more of that than anything else dan glickman for agriculture secretary now with the bipartisan policy center is closed by saying i mentioned a kind of a movie analogy but some of you may remember the movie the graduate with dustin hoffman and remember the famous word that is prospective father in law gave him as advice for the future that word was plastics and then remember he said well what what do i do he says son there's only one thing just remember this word plastics and and i'm from that generation because i saw that movie i think in one thousand nine hundred sixty six and i was a senior in college and.

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