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And he doesn't like celebrations so let's get back to the club thing i talked about moments ago when i say celebrations you know who i think of a handful of players gronk cam newton te'o ocho cinco an ob j ping i want to now mentioned great players that don't celebrate or never did walter payton larry fitzgerald russell wilson emmett smith julio jones barry sanders joe montana what club you want to be in in america you can p in an end zone but i'm gonna lumpia right in with teo or you can hand the ball to the ref and i'm gonna lump you with larry fitzgerald the late great walter payton jim brown you can go to that steakhouse tonight bro and where your hat on backwards and having nfl jersey on that's what's great about america but you will always be abro america gives you options in choices and mike tomlin the single most relatable pro player passionate to a fault african american head coach not the old man at the hardware store total nonsense deloitte him into that group doesn't like celebrations either join what ever club you want to where that nine or jersey have that falcon hat on backwards it ruth chris you're allowed to but you'll be joining a club bro here's your company outgrown quickbooks and shared spreadsheets costing time and money now's the time to move your biz to the cloud introducing net suite by oracle business management software that handles every aspect of your business in an easy to use cloud platform with net sweet you save time and money and headaches by managing sales finance accounting orders in hr instantly from your desk or even your phone thousands of the best known brands and fastest growing companies use net suite to manage their business and now it's available to you and it's more affordable than you think right now net suites offering you valuable insights to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and they're doing it for free don't miss out an unleashing your businesses full potential with his free guide called crushing the five barriers to growth you'll learn how to acquire new customers increased profits get real visibility into your cash flow download the guide at.

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