CDC, Reporter, Obama White House discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Pixel covert 19 home testing kit and take their own nasal samples in their home. They must then ship the swamp to lap core for testing. Reporter Tom Roberts says the patient will get a call from a doctor. If the testes positive, otherwise the results will be emailed. Test costs about $120 TVs prepares to give out covert vaccines and long term care facilities on December 21st. Already these clinics have started doing dry runs essentially to see whether they can move fast enough Keeping that vaccine cold enough. Reporter Tom Costello says the Fizer vaccine must be stored at temperatures colder than minus 100 F, making it even tougher to ship in administrative patients. A senior manager of the CDC claims she was ordered to delete an email from an advisor with health and human services. Suggesting the Trump administration interfered with virus reports to the public. CDC Director Robert Redfield denies he ordered the dilation of the email from Dr Paul Alexander instructed CDC to ignore Dr Alexander's comments, and they didn't need to reply to his email. House Democrats are demanding more answers from HHS. But Republicans say there's no evidence of interference in the CDC reports. Two more former members of the Obama administration or asked to serve in the Biden White House reporter Mike Molly, says a Denis McDonough Has been tapped as the Secretary Donna, of course, served as the chief of staff for the Obama White House but was part of the Obama White House all eight years. Somebody who's also close to Biden. Former Obama National security advisor Susan Rice will head up Biden's domestic policy council. Home Depot co founder Bernie Marcus gives $80 million to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, the largest donation in the rehab centers history. The money will go toward outpatient care and treating service members suffering from traumatic brain injuries. It will also help construct a new building, named for Marcus wife Billy. The couple is now donated a total of $120 million to the center. WSB.

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