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Oh you mike yeah i've i been glamorous i told you it was which will but he's the witch oh my god i've just like my heart my heart just stopped that we figured it out you're saying she's been glamour d glimmered by the witch overstreet i'm h h court overstreet is a witch like it's just is a witch is a wonder he's no wonder he can get past the glee curse he's a witch it's everything makes sense have you ever been more enlightened than you are at this moment i have not she's a he's a witch the witch and that's why that's why this is happening the gleaners continues on the glee curses no match for the overstreet genealogy moving on how do we have been gone from that la la whatever okay moving on still sara yes never mind it's working others contribute crazy i don't know if you watched daytime television this week i don't know i'm asking you that of course you watch daytime television week and you caught a glimpse of the guest host on wendy wendy out because she was diagnosed with graves graves and she actually took a vacation which is or like a break till figured ever never done wish she doesn't really do and sitting in from her is the most thirsty daytime host the i've never seen somebody who wants to be a daytime talk show host more than jerry o'connell eats wild no i feel like jerry o'connell was cursed by an over st which like fifteen years ago and his punishment is that he just has to be an audition for the rest of his life i mean you know he does auditor.

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