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Everyone and welcome slash daily for Monday to Lie Twenty Ninth Two Thousand Nineteen on today's episode. We're GONNA talk about Disney's the Lion King Ben went to the set of this film or in a here all about it and we're GonNa hear an interview with with Director Jon Favreau this slash editor in chief Peter cerita giant by Casas slash home senior writer than Pearson. Hey what's going on not much. It's a Monday again and today we're talking about. The Lanqing set Ed visit which is unusual because usually talk about the visits leading up to the films released but we're talking about this after the film has hit theaters. Why is that yes so basically what happened was Disney decided that the stuff that we learned on asset visit I think and this sort of like may speculating? I didn't get an official answer on this but I think it's the stuff that we learn on the set. visit is <hes> a lot of technical aspects of like actually how John and his team made this movie and it seems to me as if Disney wanted to people to just experience the movie as a thing you know on its own without necessarily being impacted or clouded in any way by thinking about how it was made which like I can understand because this movie is so technically advanced. It totally makes sense if that was actually their mentality here yeah you don't WanNa be watching this movie thinking about how these lions are working so so when you visit visited the set of the Lion King they flew out to Africa..

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