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Whose real facing a knife vote of noconfidence in parliament were he in many resigned yesterday in two thousand nine ah the he was simultaneously battling m allegations of rape and the corruption those are your were to firm and then here's my a fun like little anecdote from his two thousand was a two thousand six dhs zone he said oh he said so this is what is this what happened was wars to me proferred stronger quarter of bouillon he was she was acquitted of of a raping and hiv positive family friend in two thousand six there was a there was a rape allegations as an x and although and so he hit told the court at the time don't worry like i showered basically after having sex with this person in order to avoid catching hiv and him saying that basically haunted his presidency for the next several years i can attest that because everyone i ran into in my trip to south africa uh would say that to me like a jacob zuma things have you shower you won't get aid sir um and that's the kind of ridicules president we have aids i don't think so shower he shower explained kelleher look like written he's like if you take a shower you would not fit what can we can momolu malabed at the begin next and enzo discuss this you know should whole thirdworld country in which like everyone says that the president is doing a really really bad job and if everybody universally agrees and then the president resigns on like this you know esteemed country of ours in which everyone says that too and there is out of the hat.

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