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Degrees, and plenty of sun about 58 degrees right now, in Sacramento, we're heading to a high of 78 degrees on news 93.1 kfbk. Alright, Thank you very much. Let's head off to Mr Kelly Brothers that can trust. I understand You're going to be joining Kitty O'Neil this afternoon to talk about inflation numbers. My friends. Isn't that fun? That is, really I mean, that is appointment listening right there, isn't it? I mean, look, it's a hot topic. I mean, that's a big number today, you know, 45%. And Here's the point. We all feel the inflation. You know whether no matter what the numbers tell you. Try buying a house right now. Right? You know, try buying a car right now. Uh, you kind of feel the inflation try buying gas right now. Mean gases has been through the roof. And, of course here in California. We never know if it's California or the rest of the world, too. But in this case, it's everyone feeling that so, but the actual official numbers showing a 5% poppin CPR consumer price index. May over May. So this may to last May 2020. That was the hottest rates since August of Oh, eight. And if you strip out food and energy again, I'm not sure why They do that, because we all need food and energy, but they they checked the core inflation number that was 3.8%. And that was the hottest in nearly 30 years. So, um, inflation is out there. The Fed just believes that the the forces causing it will dissipate over the remainder of the year. We'll see if that's true or not. I mean, at some point the Fed is going to have to rubber They're not raising rates. Um to abnormal levels. They're allowing rates to normalized to where they should be, and not keeping them artificially low, which has been necessary to get the economy back up and chugging again. Let's check the real time numbers this morning Dow Up 1 22 at 34 5 69. NASDAQ Up 67 the S and P Up. 19 points are about one half of 1% gold. Flat oil up slightly, Yes. Above $70 a barrel 10 year bond yield 1.48%. Okay, Kelly, thanks again. And as we just talked about that, but just bears repeating. Kelly is going to be joining Kitty this afternoon on her program to talk about these new CPI numbers are big 5% in one month and they continue to really sore so inflation will be the topic. June. 10th is a date and I thought maybe we would wrap up today's program with something called What your What happened? Yeah, I thought so, too. The first year. I'm going to start with this year 2007. And that's when HBO's critically acclaimed multi award winning mob family drama The Sopranos came to an end. 877 4000 and seven she feels like three years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago. It seems like a while ago to me. I lived in New Jersey for a time while Eileen grew up in New Jersey and where I lived in New Jersey used to film that show. Oh, yeah. Uh, they lined it all the all the semi trucks would line up like down two blocks. All the crews had come out and they'd be shooting. All the scenes are of the mobs does for me. It was fun. I was like, Oh, I know that. Oh, I know that. Yeah. Yeah, because you saw the neighborhoods Sure, right near where you grew up. Sure. The next year that I have is year 19. Oh, two, and that's when the patent was given for the window envelope. The wind all Oh, the little window in your envelope. There's a pick your name. Yeah, it's pattern on that window window envelope, the little plastic thing in the middle of the paper. I'm picturing a window and I'm like, Where is there? An no. I'm glad you clarified. Wow. I never knew that that was patented. Yeah, it's called the outlook envelope after that patents expired by now, but nevertheless all right, But it was patent. Next year. I have a 1991. And that's when 11 year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped in South Lake Tahoe. Big story was so big she was freed in 2009. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, And that was where was she Freed again was in the Bay Area area, and there's a remark a backyard for a lot of lived in this the guy who who took her She lived in the guy's backyard for years and years and years and years and years. And so we all assumed in the news business that she wasn't with us anymore, right? Because we cover way too many of those stories. Yeah. And then the news comes on that she's alive, and I mean you're rarely in a newsroom where you are surprised by events and that was one where everybody looked up and said You've got two big kidding me. Wow. Amazing story. Yep. And the last year that I have is the year 2000 Shady. Yes, I'm the real Stadio. You want the slim shady's are just demonstrating. Oh, yeah, That's Eminem right there. In his album, The Marshall Mathers LP began an eight week run.

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