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They're going to put up a fight and they can walk away from the deal and they can retaliate and impose tariffs on the United States as well. All of this presents real life constraints on his ability to impose his will on the rest of the world. Greg, this new trade deal must get congressional approval to become law. Might the US MCA go down to defeat of businesses, especially. Supporters pressure lawmakers, not to support the deal. You're not going to see businesses, pressing lawmakers, not support the deal. I think businesses are relieved that the deal that came out in the end is so similar to the old one where you might have some problems. I think with Democrats by and large, they're still the more protectionist of the two parties. They want a lot for labor rights for environmental protection. They're going to scrutinize a steel very strongly and they're not necessarily in a mood to hint President Trump any victories. So if Democrats do take the house of representatives in the midterm elections that could produce some complicating dynamics for passage of the deal, if Trump wants to sing to pass, he may have to do what other presidents have done and basically cobbled together coalition of Republicans and Democrats, which would be kind of ironic because you'd end up having Trump using the bully pulpit of the presidency to extol the virtues of a free trade agreement. Exactly the kind of agreement. He's been disparaging for the last two years. Wall Street Journal, chief economics commentator, Greg, yet joining us from Washington. Thanks, Greg. All right. Thank you. And that's what's news. I'm Charlie Turner from the Wall Street Journal..

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