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Evanston a man is accused of trying to rob to homes in Wheaton and president trump says he'd consider cutting the payroll tax to help stave off a recession more on the way from CBS news WBBM sports the white Sox lose to the twins fourteen to for the cubs top the giants five to three it's seventy degrees right now and here under fair skies seventy at midway seventy two at the lake front CBS news is next at three o'clock CBS news on the hour real news real reporting outmatched Piper even as he and his aides insist the U. S. is not heading for a recession the president says he wants to see interest rates and taxes go down to spark growth CBS news White House correspondent Stephen Portnoy Herald taxes something that we think about in the oval office the president confirmed he has explored a reduction in the payroll tax earlier his aides had a cut of the tax funding Medicare and social security was not currently under consideration the president bristled at one reporter suggestion is trade war with China could prompt a slowdown I am doing this whether it's good or bad for your your statement about all will we fall into a recession for two months okay the fact is somebody had to take John on my life would be a lot easier if I didn't take John on but I like doing it because I have to do it Stephen Portnoy's CBS news the White House a spokesman for Denmark's royal palaces president trump's decision to postpone a visit to Denmark next month was a surprise he announced his decision by tweet last night after the Danish prime minister dismissed the notion of selling green land to the U. S. as an absurd discussion correspondence Deftones we've been in green when reporting on climate change in other unrelated issues when this story pops up and talking with people the one word I would say I heard more than anything else was the word crazy this seems like a surprising idea so certainly coaxing remember telling us they were surprised by this notion president trump criticized Jewish Americans who support Democrats and I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge we're great disloyalty that comment fueling his ongoing feud with representatives were seated to leave an L. hallmark the democratic congressman were recently barred from entering Israel after calling for an end to the international support of the country and voicing support for Palestinians Philadelphia police commissioner Richard Ross has abruptly resigned it's over new allegations of sexual harassment and racial and gender discrimination against others in the department K. Y. W. radios Pat lobe those allegations are contained in a lawsuit filed by two black female members of the police department in which they detail repeated alleged sexual harassment by co workers male co workers in the department also denial of opportunities for advancement the U. S. government will not give flu vaccines the migrant families being held in detention centers new the U. S. Mexico border an ounce been coming from customs and border protection three migrant children died in the past year from the flu this is CBS news did you.

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