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And you don't know what it means? Look, that's that's coming. You've heard these dudes. You've heard the guys on the Astros talk about how valuable he was to them. Those are the like I don't I don't care like I don't give a shit. What? Either one of you think about it. I know what he means. Okay. What he's going to mean to these moving along. Before we move on. Close the book on Brian McKenna. I think that our feelings have been cemented in terms of Brian McCann. However, Josh Donaldson one year deal with the Atlanta Braves. What what is our confidence level that Josh Donaldson avoids injury next year because you look good with the Indian in when he was healthy. He's still I think is was close two thousand nine. Yeah. Yeah. He hits the deal again for sure, but I'm not saying that that's even that's not a knock on him per se. I think that could the way the way that that list is used these days, my friend that could be more of a preventative measure a cautionary move at some point in time during the season. I believe there's. Oh, planned off days. Guys guys running around out, you know, planned off days jer. So we might be able to. Planned off as for all bring a rain. Who knows? I think it's I'm optimistic on like a four win season for him. I think it's a good deal. That's very optimistic. That's an all-star caliber campaign. I think I think he's going to be very effective. I mean, I do think they talked about in the press conference Anthopoulos set are guys need to need to rest more like Freeman in Albee's all these guys played like every game or every game. But one so I do think I do think what you're saying about what you touched on about Camargo when maybe a preventative stint for Donaldson at some point. But I do think it's going to end up being a fruitful deal for the Braves consider John Donaldson a lucky guy that he's only had calf problems for the last few years. I've had them my entire life. No, you don't what the fact that. You don't have Cavs. That's the problem is that what you mean..

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