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After his real name was William Marber he was from very comfortable very comfortable background his father was an investment banker in Baltimore who didn't didn't cared for bill bills choice of music or his career of Clifton was very important in the of endurance and popularization of bluegrass music he hell one of the first bluegrass festivals a one day affair in nineteen sixty one later on bill went to Europe proselytize for overtime music and bluegrass their lives and and England for a long long time working in the folk clubs he also had a song book that to a used to pass around listen to a bit of a hundred fifty time country gospel songs before that we heard Mainers mountaineers of real infection the song used to saying that a lot but but back in the good old days of Threadgill's bar in north Austin and we start out the service tex Ritter doing you'll have to pay Steven how would it do it do it they need to do anything else all caught up so we'll get through all these songs again hope you've enjoyed today's show hope you'll get a keep listening to his each Wednesday Jim Martin he likes to call himself the king a bluegrass era he was but he was a mighty fine singer and bill Monroe of course loved his his lead saying in in a guitar playing in the band that bill had after flight instructor left good Ole country song and Jimmy does a great job on it is called the sunny side of the mountain just when I.

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