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He had a huge crowd tonight. Biggest the biggest crowd. They've had all year. They opened up more space. But very comfortable. Yeah we had we were visited. Everybody was wearing their minds. We the perfect little area because we could stand up anytime we wanted to and like to. Our left was a load like almost ten by ten space that we could just walk around the and we weren't no blocking anybody. I think i think i should be speaking sir spot from now by. Yeah yeah. I think i think they were there. They noted take care of this dow. They do a great job as always always treated exemption where we get. That's right that's right now knicks and tricia door and Savannah evans got a big. You know whereas being all over the world and held a lot of titles and Remember the name of the title. And i don't like Shoot we do that to me sometimes. Elaborate time like animal but But savannah evans got got it being tricia gore purdah. Put up a heck of a is a main event Jason k defending the heavyweight title against tj balss. Shit hot. what a great match man was great. I think what made a great with the people here while at the other. Yes k. k yeah okay. Hated hated meal right and he did everything he could to make sure they hated him. Even more i saw the bell rings immediately he hits kevin pearce the referee the flips off. Tj kevin pearce calls for the bail. That's it disqualification. Crowd is stunned. Somebody even posted in the bigs fans page or fans nervo facebook. Why are you kidding. Me like obviously to do happening. But they did it so well. Jason katie's the belt. He's had to the bag john davidson. Jd drake stop and brian cana- browse. He comes out and cut the promo. That's a little bit of shoot and let me let me Say what i thought was nice about that. We go back to what you said early. Second batch all the card jd. Drake and john davis john davis have a badge to determine who is the baddest man in the building. Right this was the toughest guy so they didn't they for the two of them become out together. Yes i thought that was. Yeah you know what. I mean like this guy. He's definitely don't want to be caught between those two guys. Nt j. balls. Here's what i. what if again. Connect the dots here. What's happening a cheapie in. Who's hijacking the biggest show the year. He's hijacking the championship. You haven't owner. Who's got to put a stop to it right. And who'd he in list to help the to get a guy market but it wouldn't have the same Of starts no and the chairs candlesticks. Snot flying it was phenomenal. A couple of the best false finishes. I've seen live in a long time. There was one point. I thought ok it's time for balls to we. And they did a false finish. And then i started thinking man. Are they going to regret. And the answer was Because kk bang. And then. i'm like kate is going to win. This and then boss kicked down and when boss goes balls hits his his puts him through the chairs all that he goes to the cover. I have never experienced this a live show for baby because a lot of times where the cop type dude. Every single person in that building count to three and lease alluded was that into it. I counted to. And if you know me. I don't have. I was into by that. That was like you in brune. You're not gonna see this video. You're only going to see this day the room it was like you could not outright exactly was this patch Steamboat inflator from eighty nine. It was not the okay but in that moment with that crime in that room. That's one of the greatest moments that i've had so they're watching Everybody was into everything that they did. Everybody wanted to also win. What you're talking about a worldwide pandemic a guy who could ever should've had his moments last year who said the who had the doubters every body. That was another thing everybody in that building new except for maybe the little kids they know. This is how wrestling works. Tj balls win the belt tonight and still make it so special and so memorable. It was really powerful. My hats off to. I mean really. And i don't say that like you know around hand. False parades right. I don't care who. It is. Charles taylor truth about what i and like i said. Do i think that was Opo with steve. Austin and bret hart at wrestlemania thirteenth. I certainly not but in that moment with that crowd it was. You know those those fans loved him and they they were celebrating with him yes they. His hand was touching their. That's right. isn't that moment in that room. It was really cool moment. And i enjoyed plateaus air for if there is a match the year old or a moment of the year. Right now with the carolinas. that's it. there's no close second from what i've been to.

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