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Carrier would obviously know Master teeth tonight. Yeah, not bad at all for the graduate transfer from Oklahoma and Ohio State, who won the opening tossing deferred will have the football here to start the second half. Bt Potter has it on the TV and is on the approach and we're underway in the third quarter, the Mercedes Benz Superdome, the kick open the second half takes the hop into the end zone. And so a touchback No. One. Turner now returns for Clemson after having to sit the first after to his targeting penalty in the game against Notre Dame part too, so he now is ready to go. There's only been two penalties called on each side, but the most significant was targeting penalty on James Scouse key in the first half. Their best defender for Clemson is now not with the with us on the playing field the rest of the way. There have also been zero turnovers. Through the first half of the semi final game is Ohio State breaks the huddle of their own 25 yard line. Fields. The quarterbacks in the shotgun right foot in front of the left. Hands it off sermon. Why not running straight ahead? Another carry that goes over five yards. This one stretches close to nine. On first doubts. Second one upcoming. Well, why it Davis is an all American. He's the right guard, and he has a road grating right now Open up a huge hole interior that line. Second one and off sermon. First down 40 45 ramps up and finally brought down with the help of two tacklers and his own center Josh Meyers, who kind of impeded sermons progress, trying to get out in front of the play on the tackle for Clemson. Bail inspector It's the first lick Authored two plays in the second half alive state just picking right up where they left off gashes in the little close in defense, and this is shocking to the eye for defense and average giving up. Listen 100 yards a game opening minute of the third quarter trips right Single receiver left kind of emotional record comes in close to the right tackle shotgun stamp for fields from the 48 handoff sermon, and he has spun down at the line of scrimmage. Kind of almost at the last second everybody, but two guys had Jumped out five yards ahead of the play, and no one Turner came in from behind to make the tackle. Well, you're right. It was outside zone, and that's the cutback tracer minutes, so good heaven was running left. He stuck that put in the ground and cut it back. And you're right. Turner came up from the safety position between that one up bad midfield, second and eight on the 50 yard line. Take the head off, feels threw out of the shotgun winds up dials deep part of the 20 yard line, but all of it Knocked off his feet somersaults in the arms of animals and his tackle down here, the 15 yard line. There is an injured Clemson Tiger down.

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